Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Reiki Day

This morning I didn't want to wake up. I am still sleep-deprived after my overnight shift on Monday.

I hit the snooze button twice, got out of bed, and started my day. I packed lunches. I made Organic Buckwheat cereal, and put Organic Milk on it with Organic Natural Raw Sugar. I had coffee from my press pot, the last of the Kona.

Waking my son up is not easy. I find humor tends to make it flow a little better. Yesterday he had been nagging me 'Mom, Teacher says I need to bring twenty dollars to school. Mom!'. Last night before bed, I started nagging him back,' Look! Here is twenty dollars for your class activity. Look! Look!' waving the bill in front of him. I woke him up with the bill, saying, 'Mom! Mom! Where is the twenty dollars? Here it is! Here! Look! Look!' For the first time in seven years he woke up with a smile.

I drop him off at school on the way to work. He is the first one there. We were sad today because our Betta died. (His spirit actually came to me, as I was making breakfast and lunches). I didn't want to tell the bad news, but my son took it well and paid his respects to Fishy before we got in the car.

He was the first at daycare. And I wasn't late. On the way to school we noticed that the clouds were not very cloud looking. We always guess if they are UFO's or not.

On the way to work, once I hit the onramp, I start my Divine Peace Healing. I did for Countries and Locations and also for Groups and Organizations. I enjoy this time to transition between home and work, and to connect to Source.

At work, I got ready and introduced myself to my patient. Everything went well, a little faster than expected. In the OR, we had a female surgeon, tech, nurse, and anesthesiologist. It was interesting--the conversation sounded more like something from the View instead of the OR. I found myself enjoying it.

There was a cancellation, from my favorite surgeon, and I got assigned to my least favorite one as a favor to a friend with a back  condition who wanted to go home.

As I brought my second case in to PACU, I had my back turned away from a conversation between a Head Nurse and the Lead Nurse for PACU. I overheard the boss tell the other RN, 'All of your nipples are too old!'. Quickly I turned around to see what in the world they were talking about! They were going over the contents of the Pediatric Crash Cart, and the nipples from the bottles were expired! We all had a very good laugh about that. The RN said, 'Oh yes! They are all worn out and droopy!' just to make us all laugh a little more.

The last patient took an enormous amount of narcotics every day. I understood why spirit had taken me to him. (And the surgeon, who had undergone a neck lift to look more 'camera friendly' last week, actually DID look better!) During the case, I gave Deeksha to the patient, and he REALLY soaked it up. Everything else was quick.

The sky outside the hospital had very atypical cloud formations. There were three cylinders to the North, and a wedge and a disc to the South. I communicated to them with my heart, saying, I am not sure, but if you are, thank you for looking out for me and my community. I felt Love from them back.

On the way home, I stopped by one of my favorite crystal stores. The inventory was low. But I was guided, and bought a bowl to put prayer requests in, an angel box to put answered prayers into, two bumper stickers that say 'Love Everybody' and all the religions together, Lily of the Valley fragrance oil, a lavender travel candle, and a small crystal rock of beautiful purple amythest.

Before I went to the store, I was called in for a surgeon's request for a case as they did not like the one assigned. I contacted the anesthesiologist, before and after the store. They didn't call me back. I am not one to step on toes. But in the meantime, another doctor agreed to switch assigned cases. So I turned around on the freeway and went back towards home again. Lesson learned: things work out on their own, you don't always have to play the hero.

I also stopped off at the local Health Food Store. It was bustling! They had put in all new refrigerator cases in the produce section and end caps. I bought bottled water from Canada and Hawaii (two places I have strong ties to). Spirit guides me when I shop. I was dumbfounded why Spirit would ask me to buy a gallon of Organic Maple Syrup, of American Origin. It was Grade B and cost fifty dollars! I checked. I double checked. I used my hand to feel the energy of all the brands. Sometimes being like me requires a leap of faith. Opportunity like this always is a choice. There is free will. In the past, I have found out that I missed out, and regretted it when I didn't accept the guidance. So I bit the bullet, and put it in the cart. I sensed I was helping out someone who needed financial support back in New England. (I have strong ties there too.)

Between the store and the gas station, I thanked the Guides for Reiki. They perked up and said nobody ever thanks them. They just go out and use it as their tool, or to make money like a doctor without going to medical school, laughing. I said it again, 'What is there not to thank? Reiki is like a beautiful flower, a gift from God. And also like a medicine you need when you are sick, like antibiotics, and you are always so grateful for the help in getting well!'. They were glad I expressed my gratitude to them. It was hard work discovering it and keeping it alive for us today.

Now I am home. I stopped by the garden. My Hawaiian Queen Tree Plant is coming back. I have been giving it healings. Now the pink hibiscus is in need of help. White flies infestation. The sweet peas are so lovely I think I shall bring a boquet of them in to PACU. The nurses share their roses there, from their yard.

Soon I must leave for my son's ball game. I always enjoy watching him. He is there with his father. Boy, that man has been a life lesson and a half! I am proud of my accomplishment in forgiveness and choosing what is best for our son in all our interactions.


Reiki Doc