Thursday, April 5, 2012

Helping Gaia With Your Heart

Today we are going to talk about how you can help to save the world. 


All you have to do is open your heart...and read further...

Two days ago, on the way home from my boy's school, at the side of the road, I saw a small gathering. They were making a memorial at the roadside, for a loved one who had transitioned (passed away).

I saw it again this morning after dropping my boy off at his class. There were streamers, in gold, papers, flowers, and a shirt that said, 'Eagle Scout'. This young man who died apparently had much accomplishments while he was on Earth.

More remarkable was that both times, I not only saw the memorial, but I felt it. A tightening in my heart. Like the memory of pain had been imprinted on that spot where the horrible accident that had taken their loved one away. 

How many times have you passed such sites? How did you feel when you passed them? It sort of bypasses the mind, and goes straight to the heart, doesn't it?

That is the definition of a Negative Imprint. Every harsh word, every suffering, every accident, every death, leaves an energetic scar on this planet. For all time. And for all History. Even from civilizations past. What sticks? Negative Imprints, Curses and Hexes. They are forever, an Eternity if you will. They are like fleas and ticks on a dog, sucking the blood of life from the poor creature.

The problem with these Negative Imprints is that they can't be seen. They are only felt. That is how psychics and mediums know the truth when visiting a site of a terrible crime. They can 'read' the energetic imprints that are left behind after the evidence has been hidden away.

Like stones tossed into a pool of water, Negative Imprints make ripples of energy. Unlike water, however, the surface does not clear back to smooth again. Think of how many there are, and how they interact, and you will get an idea of how Gaia needs to heal. She can only take so much.

How can you help our Great Mother?

First, take out Negative Thoughts. Pluck them right out of your mind as soon as you think them. This will prevent an Imprint in the first place. Make sure there are less. And if one slips out, replace it with a positive thought. 

Second, pray for Earth's Healing. Send an apology to Her for her Pain and Suffering. Ask to help her heal right from your heart. Imagine a ray of bright purple white Love Energy flowing from your heart like a flame, and direct it at the scar. Melt it with Light. Bless it. And ask for Divine Assistance. It will be given.

Third, educate yourself about Earth and making less impact. Do what you can. Choices may be small at first, but together we can change  our life choices for the betterment of our Ecosystem. Recycling is a good start. Also is buying Organic. Those fertilizers and pesticides from commercial Agriculture wreak havoc upon the land. You get my drift, I know. The list will be added to, undoubtedly. I appreciate any suggestions you come up with to make the Earth heal. Know that the Light is really counting on you and your efforts. No effort is too small.

Mother Earth Thanks You.


Reiki Doc