Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Children Who Are Afraid To THINK

Studies have shown that when children are yelled at, the brain shuts down. The face goes blank. Nothing 'goes in'. It is very counterproductive to scream at your child.

Today I had the experience of working with someone who was 'different' energetically. I won't say if the patient was male or female, but I felt them. I felt the aura. And I knew something was not right. I came in, rushed, and not allowed to eat lunch because of this patient. There were major medical issues that I had to sort out, and had to delay the case a few minutes in order to assess how I was to best give anesthesia safely.

This patient looked at me with hollow eyes. Dark, flat pools with no life in them. This patient had a 'fix me' attitude, kind of like a 'serve me' attitude a customer at Bloomingdale's would get. This was someone who had lived a long life, but not a good one, if you know what I mean.

The case was a nightmare. We had to abort it. I won't go into anything more than to admit it was absolute chaos. Surgeon unhappy, anesthesia flustered, and body fluids all over the place. The patient was never in any actual danger, I might add. They were not this sick. It was like a Poltergeist would do, to mess everyone up.

The surgeon did the case against their will at the request of the family, who 'had to KNOW' the result of this test. This was the second time this week I saw medical procedures done unecessarily at the request of the patient family. Unecessarily meaning, it would have little or no impact on the plan already in place for patient care.

These were not families that were 'throwing a lot of money at it, the health problem of their loved one'. These were families that did not want to let go, or I would add, to take the responsiblity to make a medical decision based on the recommendation of their loved one's doctors.

I had an ex-husband like that. Afraid to make mistakes. Couldn't get on with his life, frozen, in the pursuit of 'perfection' at the expense of living a life. Since then I could not understand it, except for today.

Spirit guided me to walk by the room as the surgeon spoke to the patient and the entire family. The children were late middle age, and by inspection, of not much educational achievement.

And I felt it.

I felt the anger of the parent. That was what I felt as I prepared for the case in front of the patient: hostility, veiled. And impatience. Temper. And with the adult children, and the doctor being exceptionally diplomatic...I experienced claircognizance: this was a parent who had taught their children not to think. This one was 'the BOSS'. This one ran the family. And no one was to 'take their place and run the "company", their family', in place of the patriarch or matriarch.

This parent had taken away the children's independence, and taught them to rely on the parent. Under the illusion of 'being adult'. The children in the Montessori preschool are more independent thinkers than what I saw, in front of me, and also in my ex! The reason is, the Montessori system encourages respect for the child, reasoning, and takes away fear.

This lifestyle is at a close. It is not right to bully our young. I won't stand for it. I hope you and your Reiki Consciousness will support all young, from all walks of life, with dignity and love that is everlasting. Give them freedom, and they will come back to you. And certainly make better choices in your senescence, at your hospital bed, and bring joy into your passing.


Reiki Doc