Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why Hand Holding is Fun

Reiki Mystery explained:

During a MAC case (monitored anesthesia care, patient in 'twilight sleep') something painful was happening but the surgeon needed the patient to localize the site of pain so the surgeon could fix it.

As I adjusted the depth of anesthesia with my right hand, instinctively I reached for the patient's hand with my left hand. As I did, I sensed an energy flow, and a calming in the patient. And I noticed, like I had on the newborn getting a shot, hand-holding is a very basic, comforting, human thing.

And I wondered about it. When is it we enjoy holding hands? When we are with friends. And those we love. When we are afraid! When we seek comfort. And when we fall in love...

It dawned on me in a flash the Reiki explanation for all of this: hands are energy emitters and sensors. They do both at the same time. Energy work is done in the aura through a healers working hands. There has been 'laying on of hands' and 'theraputic touch' and other forms of tactile healing therapy in the medical field. Even infants in incubators who are very premature, thrive when given touch and do poorly when they are not cuddled and held.

It is the energy in the human hand to body experience that is 'Reiki without you knowing it'...a fundamental human thing we take for granted, it is so commonplace. But common it is not--it is theraputic, healing, and comforting. What better way to stabilize a shaky energetic pattern in fear than to reach out and seek the hand of another? The energy flows from the stabilizer hand to the scared one and helps them out.

'Reiki without you knowing it' happened twice in the O.R. today. One patient, 79 years old, had never had an operation. This was the first, and there were silent tears going down her cheeks. I would do anything for a patient that is afraid like that. No, I did not hold her hand (in Pre Op--I gave her a bunch of versed!) But in talking about 'almost having surgery--when I was in the Military, I almost lost a toe, I broke it so bad. They wanted to amputate. But I said, no, God is going to heal it' They put it in a cast. It took a long time, and it bends funny. But it is still there. "Whoa!" I thought to myself! "This lady is doing manifestation and energy healing on herself with Faith and not even knowing it!"

And another lady, in for a minor surgery, but having survived a major one for cancer of the neck, shared, 'My ENT surgeon saved my life! He really did. I had been in another career in food service, and got into acting on stage after.' This lady was a busy, although not famous, actress in her time. As soon as she said it, I thought, 'Of course. Light blue chakra stifled. Body tries to get attention. Body generates cancer and patient undergoes radial, appearance altering surgery to save life. Entity heals, and goes forth to a career in using the blue chakra of communication for a successful career! Did that body know how to throw a wrench in the plan for something that was  off life course goals or what?' Through illness, and imbalance was recognized and made right without the patient ever realizing it at all.

Everything is connected. There is a vibration now that is in EVERYTHING! And it is new and fresh and Light. This is going to be the finest Spring every!


Reiki Doc