Thursday, April 12, 2012


Pule is the word for prayer in the Hawaiian language.

Throughout Hawaiian History, it is the only thing that has stayed unchanged.

The original Hawaiians were very spiritually advanced. With their minds alone, the natives could form a line on the beach, hold hands, and create a force shield that would repel the spears and arrows of invading Tahitian warriors.

There was no illness, and the lifespan was much longer than ours.

There was an island in the Pacific, a continent along the lines if Australia for us today. This place was called Lemuria. (I wear a Lemurian crystal around my neck, I have close ties to this place). Lemuria was like Atlantis, both were very advanced civilizations that were adept at fourth dimensional existence. Time travel, DNA manipulation, long lifespans, flying machines, and organ transplantation.

What happened to Lemuria and Atlantis? They stopped living in the Light, and chose war. They ultimately fought each other, and destroyed their civilizations. Unfortunately in doing so, they also destroyed the entire fourth dimension. Their continents sunk, and some entities escaped and came to our reality, the third dimension.

I believe the Menehune were the good Leumurians who stayed on, the mountaintops of Lemuria became our Hawaiian Islands. Tahitian invaders with their blood thirst for war took over the land. Kamehahmeha became a royal. There would be someone holding a staff in front of the royal procession. Anyone crossing the imaginary line between that staff and royalty was immediately killed. Chiefs killed their own brothers under the guise of a friendly dinner to gain power. The one to die often knew, but honor made them go up to their deaths. Human sacrifice was done by Kamehameha's regime: people were thrown live off of cliffs. This happened at many Heiau, too.

After this came James Dole and the plantations. Sugar and pineapple, both non native crops, grew on much of the land. Filipino, Chinese and Japanese workers brought their culture to the land. Ranchers learned how to tend their horses and cows from Mexican cowboys, Vacqueros, and the Paniolo, or Hawaiian Cowboy was born.

Many of the things you associate with Hawaii are not from here originally. The ukelele was brought here from Portugal. Pineapple and plumeria are from South America. Even the palm trees were planted by the United States Military after the second world war as a gesture of thanks for the help Hawaii gave to them in the Pacific Theater.

Rumor has it Roosevelt knew about the attack the Japanese had planned on Pearl Harbor. He chose not to alert anyone or defend, as a tactical maneuver to get us involved in the war. I can't go to Pearl Harbor Memorial because of this. It is very sad these lives were lost unnecessarily.

So what does the history of the islands have to do with prayer? It has been here all along, inthe open now, once hidden. Huna is a form of energetic healing here. You can learn more at this website: This tradition carries way back into the past. When visiting a neighbor of a friend on Big Island, the neighbor noticed I had a limp. He put his hands on my knee, and love and compassion flowed from him to help my sore knee. It got better, and to this day I am moved by the depth of compassion for a stranger, from an old man who could not walk himself. He was wheelchair bound.

Serge Kahili King* is a white man who learned to be a kahuna through the hidden priesthood on Kauai. I read his book, about breathing in Mana and blessing everything, with a heart full of love. The people, and the Spirit of Aloha, is mainstream. As is the love of the land and the sea.

Yesterday I met a zoologist and a marine biologist at the stingray tank. They have committed their lives to the betterment of the ocean, and by educating hotel guests one question at a time. These sting rays are native to the Hawaiian islands and live about fifty feet deep. Globally, stingrays are not being slaughtered like the sharks their cousins are for their fins. Some populations eat them, but take most of the ray's body for their food.

The Hawaiians have adapted and survived many onslaughts. They have survived tribal war, organized religion with kapu (curses), people taking over the island with war, industry, and tourism. They have survived the missionaries and the plantations. It is the birthplace of Reiki to the West, through the efforts of Hawayo Takata on Kauai. It is home to a very spiritual undercurrent, fueled by the power of the land. Who knows what shall come to be from this place?

I have seen Menehune through my spirit eyes. And talked to one recently. He found me! I also had a past life flash before my eyes at a luau show, with the chanting and the hula. I know enough to understand my connection to the islands. And why it is strong.

Stay open. One day, whenever you can, come to this place. Come visit. Let your spirit guide you. Chances are you will have a rebirth, of spirit. It will be worth it.


Reiki Doc

* Kahuna Healing, by Serge Kahili King, 1983, in sixth printing 1997, ISBN 0-8356-0572-8
Quest Books. Hawaiian Shaman and author of Imagineering for Health and Earth Energies and Kahuna Healing