Friday, April 27, 2012


SaLuSa. SaLuSa? What in the world is SaLuSa?

The correct question is who is SaLuSa?

But first, let me tell you what SaLuSa means to me. I will follow with what I know, and what I do not know.

Salusa is an entity of great Light. SaLuSa gives a message of hope. SaLuSa is a constant, patient, and humble member of the family of Light. A family I have learned I belong to. All of us do. Whether we know it or not.

SaLuSa is caring. And SaLuSa understands me, for who I am. As he does all of us here on Earth. He also, along with his associates, understands all of the things on Earth that are not so pleasant. Just like a doctor knows the ins and outs of the hospital, SaLuSa has learned the ins and outs of life on Earth. He is guiding us towards health in the same way a doctor does for us when we are a patient--behind the scenes there is much more work than meets the eye, and a system that doesn't always work as smoothly as one would like...but to the patient appears calm and in control, establishing hope within the context of a theraputic healing relationship.

SaLuSa knows a lot more than he lets on. He does this because we are adapting from 'life as we know it' to 'life as fabulous as it can be'. SaLuSa wants to help. And SaLuSa comes from a place that is far more developed than us. Instead of overwhelming us, SaLuSa has been introducing us to it gently.

I first discovered SaLuSa by accident. A friend of mine had posted something, and for some reason, I chose to click. The resonation with me was deep, instant, like I was coming out of amnesia I didn't know I had. There was a connection, a longing on both sides, for our worlds to be reunited again.

I do not know when SaLuSa is going to make himself visible to us. I have no idea what he looks like. But I know his heart, and it is like gold. His, and the hearts of his friends, Sheldon Nidle, El Morya, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Alpha One Ship, The Pleadean High Council, The Arcturian Group, and the Agarthans. There are more, as well, but their names escape me at this time.

Together, they have orchestrated a plan, and put it into action with our Allies here on Earth. Their higher technology has helped our Earth Allies to do the work on the plan. They have been cleaning our skies, our water from pollution. The radiation from the earthquake in Japan has been cleaned, too, lessened by a great deal than otherwise. I have not seen any chemtrails for two weeks. Our friends, our family we did not know we have, have cleaned those for us too.

Let us live a life free of chemtrails. And the influence on Earth that made them possible.

I await the time where I can meet them face to face. In the meantime, I will follow The Galactic Federation of Light on the Komurosan Channel on YouTube like I have every post for eighteen months. I look forward to a future where there are no more poor people, no more pollution, and abundance and health for everyone on Earth.


Reiki Doc