Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cardiovascular Surgeons versus Anesthesia

There are two docs in my hospital I do not like to work with. One, who bullied me in the heart room so much that I am loathe to work with him, had booked a case in the Main O.R. instead of the Cardiac O.R. My heart and breath quickened, and I hoped I would not have to work with him.

Sure enough, it manifested. There was a case switch to another room. I arranged for a colleague and I to trade so I would not have to take the case.

At the right moment, I realized I would not be able to 'get back on the horse' after falling if I did not take what was coming.

I looked at this case through Reiki eyes.

The patient was a technical challenge. For these cases, thoracic ones, a big tube needs to be placed. It is  hard to fit in people whose mouths don't open very well. There was a struggle, but I got a smaller tube in, with a bronchial blocker as the plan. But it had trouble going in to the right mainstem bronchus.

I saw firsthand how cardiac surgeons think. They think they are better than the rest of us. They jump to conclusions. And they want to  'see proof'.  Instead of seeing a board certified cardiac anesthesiologist and trusting her judgement about what is going to work and what doesn't, the Minor one said, 'do this it will work!' Well, maybe at another hospital. But in mine, with our equipment, guess what? It didn't. Back to what I had in, with a bloodier airway.

The Major on went behind my back and brought in another anesthesiologist. This one pulled out the airway, which is not good because you can lose it. And he tried a bigger one. It would not fit. (Duh! I was thinking.). Then another, smaller one would not go in. He had to shove it. There was trauma. But it worked.

Did I get angry? No. I fought back with higher principles. I 'learned'. I 'learned' about the attitudes of my surgeons. I 'learned' a fully-grown man has to lift a head one foot off the bed and shove a breathing tube forcefully to get it in. I 'learned' it was perception on their part, and not me. I also 'learned' that by doing my work, with Purpose, and then doing my Work--asking for Divine Peace Healing for the room--AND asking my angels, guides and deceased Loved Ones, to 'fix it' from The Other Side through me as a channel, a GREAT DEAL of energy flowed. I was Tingling the whole time I worked. And my 'Partners in Healing' let me know when it was time to 'close the circuit'. Job was finished (it was before the end of the case).

The level of Consciousness of your typical Cardiac Surgeon is on the Lower End of the Spectrum.

Yesterday I made a stand, in Spirit, with Spirit to back me up, to REFUSE to play the I AM THE CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP AND I CAN BULLY YOU GAME. I learned to hold my ground, on a spiritual level, and change the tone of the whole room. Without saying a word. It takes TWO to play. And everyone has a choice whether to get 'sucked in' to that Drama, or to withstand it like the rock on the beach that is like a boulder in the crashing waves.

Due to my telepathy, I knew that my Heart Center was connected to everyone in the room including the patient. And as the surgeon went to leave, the man I refused to acknowledge outside the OR for one year, and who stubbornly refused to acknowledge ME, thought, 'I was kind of hard on her.'

I felt it. I knew it. And when he saw me eating my Hawaiian Caramel Corn in the Doctors Lounge because I was starving, he approached me and asked it the patient was extubated and did all right. I saw that he had been setting others up to fail, by not being proactive on explaining the needs of his patient. I also saw, on a deeper level, that this man had been coddled so much by his O.R. Heart Team of nurses that he did not KNOW how to interact in any other way like 95% of all other surgeons do on behalf of their patient. I reassured him, keeping my energy GROUNDED, and directed him to the right bed in the recovery room and nurse who was taking care of him just in case he wanted to see the patient himself.

I have to admit, this was a hard thing on me. It was painful. It was a challenge to my well-being. And a choice. Looking back, I saw that this 'surgeon' is a vehicle to help me 'Dissolve' illusions about who I am, and what my skills are in the Operating Room. Nasty as it was, it was a gift from God and Spirit, in order to help me grow.

So, if YOU have one of those surgeons in your OR, or one of those Major or Minor Nasty people in your life, take the chance and ask the Guides on Earth and Heaven, to back you up, and help you Heal your World one A**hole at a time.


Reiki Doc