Sunday, April 29, 2012

A New Normal, Part 1

I read an article posted by a friend who has somewhat similar and yet in other areas, highly opposite beliefs from me. It upset me. What was it about? It was about a Family Practice Doc, who had his wife try a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) at home with a midwife. They got into trouble, and he insisted they take the wife in to the local community hospital where he worked. He delivered his son, and then they refused certain protocols, choosing to modify or delay customary treatments for the child. Child protective services was called on the parents. And an investigation opened up.

I wanted to jump in to that argument. I read the comments on the original article, and also attached to the post. But I thought about it. I asked myself the question, is this where we want medicine to be? No, not really. Not adversarial. But not 'botique' where the patient gets to pick and choose what they want either.

I envision a new normal for patient care. One where auras and energetic systems are acknowledged.

For example, the interaction between a former-chief-of-staff who was able to deliver children, but not someone typical in the Labor and Delivery department, must have included auras, trust, mistrust, and turf issues.

Let us rewrite the script.

Mother and father are into empowering women through home birth. They have a lifestyle that is based on the green movement, and holistic concepts. The midwife buys in to all of that herself. Their auras are mutually compatible. They are in the home, and it is harmonious to their belief systems. That is okay.

Father, through intuition and medical experience, senses trouble. He is outside his comfortable 'safety zone'. For the record, he was not completely in agreement with the home birth in a vaginal birth after cesarean in the first place.The couple transfer mid-labor to the local hospital.

Here is where the differences emerge: the belief systems and energetic systems of the facility and the patient do not match. This would have been a perfect opportunity for someone like me to intervene. Countless times, I have been called to what the nurses call, 'the crazy room' to intervene on behalf of their baby. I have seen Bradley Method couples where the wife wants the epidural and the husband, according to the plan, is trying to enforce the intervention-free birth. I have seen VBAC's refusing an i.v. and had to coax epidural insertion, not for analgesia, but for a safety device in the event of imminent c-section so I would not have to put the mother to sleep at the last minute. I am like a radio tuner capable of dialing in on any frequency of energetic aura system. I try to 'match' before I talk to somebody, whether it is a doctor, nurse, patient, or family member. Communication works best that way.

As we transition to the New, and we are well on the path towards it, I see the importance of the energetic system of each form of life on Earth to be recognized and taken into consideration.

Do we really want to deny our animals a chance to live and grow by eating meat?

How about the right-to-life of a tree standing in the way of a football stadium improvement?

Does anything that is not Fair Trade have as healthy a vibration as something that is Fair Trade?

Is your money being spent in ways that help Earth, or hurt her?

When you are sick, is your vibration optimized? Of course not! How can we best 'right' it again, together? For this transition period, we will have to thoroughly assess your system of beliefs, connect with you, and ramp up your energetic system. Be it with tea, chanting, Light, or conventional medicine for now.

There is so much more to it than meets the eye. Or the Mind. And Reiki is an excellent tool to be a part of this transition. By both allowing a Reiki practitioner to sense and to transmit, healing may be fine-tuned to individual needs best.


Reiki Doc