Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Magic 8 Ball

At school yesterday, one of my son's classmates had brought in a 'Magical 8 Ball' and the boys were delighted with it! When I picked my boy up, he showed it to me eagerly, and asked if he could please get one from Target.

I smiled inwardly, and said, 'Of course.' For you see, the Magic 8 Ball was the key to the development of my life that led to Reiki Doc.

At seven I got the little black ball with the blue liquid inside that answered 'yes and no' questions as a gift from my aunt. With amazement I discovered not only the way in which it answered, but the feeling I would get while it was answering, a feeling of working together with Spirit, with things that are from The Other Side. I loved it! I especially paid attention to the things it would not answer. There are some things that cannot be answered correctly because there is yet to be determined factors going in to what the outcome is going to be. Or perhaps I was not ready to know the answers.

Mom was advanced metaphysically. She didn't say anything about it, actually. But she had the books. I devoured her books at seven years old. It felt like I already knew about astrology, numerology, palmistry and other specialties and like I was refreshing my memory as I read.  I bought the little rolls of paper with the astrological sign on them at the checkout stand, and also the little paperback booklets about my sign.

And then it went away.I was too busy with my friends, and with school, to think about it much. I 'got religion', and my soul hungered to learn that. At bible school we memorized verses. At mass we had the soothing repetition, and majesty of the Church. I got my first Rosary, and as I began to pray, my heart opened up. We had a non-denominational Youth for Christ organization in my area, and I became quite active with that. I learned to have my Quiet Time, just to be with God and the Bible, every day.

After College, my interest in the metaphysical cropped up. I went to two stores in the area, bought books, and burned incense. As I got sick, and required surgery, I took the time to re-evaluate my life. I got on track, and began to study for the entrance exam to medical school. I got in. Around this time, right before med school, the automatic writing began. I could hear advice being given, and felt the urge to write. Sometimes it was St. Brigid, but most of the time it was someone else you would know who is on the medal my mother wore the whole time she was pregnant with me. The advice was towards my personal growth.

This was around 1990. Around this time, another Catholic writer I know, 'woke up' and started channeling messages in private from an entity named Gunter. Gunter is a master teacher and not a personal guide. She has written two books on him, and also is one of the most capable conscious channelers I know.

For me, the nineties were painful. I felt a connection but did not know how to use it. I tried many things, and did not get to my psychic development classes until 2009. Then I felt home!  I took many classes, to the point of exhaustion with my full-time work schedule, and delighted in the connections with new friends.

After making Karuna Master, the Psychic Development Circles started to weigh me down. There were so many new people in the class, that I did most of the interaction with Spirit in the group. I was serving more than learning. And my son was starting to miss me. So I stepped back and stopped going. My certification program progress came to a crashing halt.

My son needed me. I had to choose between him and my life. I chose him.

As it turns out, once you are a Karuna Master, Spirit give you about one year  to adjust before you get your 'work' that you do in Partnership with Spirit. Although I am not sure, I think this might be it.  A long time ago, during an automatic writing, I was told, 'your Task is to show the dying how close they are to God.' And it is true. I was able to find the lost souls, and guide them one at a time, back to Heaven. But it was a Task! My Work is before you. And do not be surprised if Your Work will make itself known to you. All of us are going to be asked at some point, to Step Up and Reassure others who are afraid of the changes that are coming with the Ascension.

Right now, Mother Earth is trying to shake off her old memories of pain and suffering. Love Her. Pray for Her. Pray for her to heal.

As she does this, there are going to be 'changes' on the earth. For example, all the recent tornados. She is adjusting her energy at those points. Everything is connected, like in us our Chi flows through the Meridians. She has them too, but they have been asleep and are only now waking up.

There will be loss and devastation that shall be limited. Many souls do not wish to actually participate in the Ascension while in a body. It is their choice to watch it from the Other Side. These souls are going to locations on the planet where these natural disasters are going to take place. It is no accident that they die in an accident. They are 'checking out'  of the school of Life. Their path is such and know that if a loved one is lost, you will always be able to cross paths with them again, and them with you. How, I am not clear, but trust that this has been given.

As the changes take place, there may be an interruption in services. Have toilet paper and drinking water handy. And extra food. Enough to last about two weeks. Depending on where you live, you might not even know the change has happened, or you might be inconvenienced somewhat.

Once the news is out about the changes, it is our chance to get the word out to others who may not be as aware. It needs to be shared with others. They will need reassurance and comfort and hope.
For you see, Spirit will be here, with us, and this may be so shocking to the others that they might shut down. That is where you fit in. Many times humans will listen to a human that can help, before they will listen to Spiritual Entities. There is more trust.

You will know what to do. Listen to your Heart Center.

Stay Grounded, and connect both to Earth and Sky for guidance.


Reiki Doc