Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reiki at the Steakhouse

'Last night when I came home, my boy wanted 'a steak'.  I invited his sitter and her son to accompany us to our local steak restaurant. It was rush hour, and we needed to wait over half an hour to get seated. I held the 'pager', a big square piece of plastic that buzzes and flashes when the hostess is ready to seat you.

As we sat on a small bench in the entryway, I noticed several things that are worth discussing today.

First and foremost, we do not go very often. We go every other month to keep my iron stores up. We always order the smallest piece of meat, with the same side dishes, and potato. From his dad, my son developed a taste for red meat. His friend, who also is from a split home, said proudly, 'I am a CARNIVORE!' and bragged that he does not like to eat his vegetables. My son enjoys his carrots, and when asked will take a 'taste bite' of just about anything else that I serve. (We have the organic produce box delivered to our door every two weeks, so now we get quite a mix of produce in our diets.)

'I am a CARNIVORE!' What kind of assertion is that? My mother is like that, too. She basically lives on cheese, bread, and hamburgers. Every once in a while she says, 'I need some RED MEAT!'.  I wonder if that is a conditioned response to advertising ('Beef. It's what's for DINNER!') or a genuine physical need? I think with the boys, the men teach them a sort of 'bonding' over enjoying a steak together.  I am not sure if it is an attitude that is passed down from father to son, or a vestige of our cave-dwelling past that is in our gene code.

I remember being served my first piece of meat as a child, at three or four. "What is THIS?!?' I recoiled, thinking it was horrible and barbaric. I didn't know the food was from dying flesh, technically, but I felt the vibration from it. With my parents being 'pro-meat', I was  expected to eat it. I had to force myself to learn, and I didn't really like it  much until I was a teen and my body was growing rapidly. With enlightenment on the agenda for me now, I try to eat as little of it as possible, and only organic, free range when I do. Eggs are almost none-existent in my diet now. Those took me over ten years to eat, I never really enjoy them, and I have to put a lot of stuff on them like tabasco in order to make them go down. My boy was the egg lover, eats them plain, not even with pepper or salt. But I have gotten him away from that.

So here I am, almost vegetarian, at the lobby of a steakhouse with my three guests. Both of the boys immediately got out their electronic devices. The friend had a PSP, which I had never seen before. And mine had an iPod Touch. There was no talking to these boys. They used them at the table until the food arrived and we mothers asked them to put them away.

Our children are addicted to video games. It is a right of passage for the boys. If you look at the games, they involve two things, speed and destruction, most of the time. Somebody somewhere has decided to  start mind control through electronics on our youth. Mine won't read unless I force him, gets 'bored' all the time at home when he is not on a game, and never even thinks to play with his toys unless I threaten to throw them out. I think the developing male ego has been kidnapped by the electronic device, and the love for nature that naturally develops from playing outside with friends has been threatened. What is a mom to do? I need time to do housework, and I let him watch a movie or play a game. I don't have the energy to fight that battle with him, when I am working full time and raising a kid alone. He likes it, and for  discipline I can 'take it away'. He is too old for 'time outs' and almost as big as me. Sadly, I perpetuate it too. Like the meat.

My son really likes the meat. And so do a lot of people. The restaurant was PACKED. But who was coming in? Not the young people. It was the fifty and up crowd at five-thirty p.m. And you know what?Just about every one of them was an 'apple' physique--central obesity. The customers were coming in with expressionless faces, barely talking to each other, two by two like on the Ark through that front door. And I thought, 'there go my patients'. Diabetic, hypertensive, with the prostate starting to act up. They have been fed this great lie that meat is good for you, bought it hook, line and sinker, and have ruined the health of their bodies for they do not eat meat in moderation. You can tell these people eat meat every night, and have done so for years. Another marketing win, on the same level as that of the video games for our children.

So why do I even bother to go? Because of the manager. He has a heart of gold, and has no clue about the meat industry and enlightenment...yet his business is a bustling 'harbor' for a lot of good.

All of the employees are 'nice kids he has known as they were growing up, or the younger brothers and sisters of them.' He has taught them that the business is 'theirs' and that every outcome is a reflection on their efforts. I learned this because I noticed both times that the servers were excellent, and stopped to ask him how come they were so good here, and not just one but all of them?

There also are plaques of all the community support the business has done over the years. Sports teams for youth. The Lions Club. And awards from Zagat and other business clubs in the area. Through this philanthropy, as well as the source of employment, this manager has taken a chain steakhouse and made it a shining Light in a very dark economy.  We have grown to love the place, and support it when we can, but not so often as to lose the 'special event' magic of our trips there.

Dietary choices are as private as religious ones. Try to respect them. Everyone has their choice as appropriate to their level of spiritual development. If you are advanced, and on the vegetarian or organic or raw dietary track, stay that way. Stick with what keeps your vibration UP. And by that vibration, you will affect others, and have a positive influence on their vibration, so that in the future, they may reconsider their choices and elect to distance themselves from cruelty to animals.

My sitter is  an pentecostal christian. She believes that tarot cards and ouija boards are from the devil. She has 'spiritual meetings' with 'evangelical christians' in the day, at luncheons, and gets to spend time in the 'prophecy room' where 'Spirit' talks through a 'Prophet'. And many of these metaphysical experiences are accurate predictions and assessments of her mental state. She acknowledges I am Catholic, and although I have had her watch my boy when I go to take my psychic development classes at night, I have called them, 'my night with my girlfriends' instead of being open about what exactly they are. What I have found is that both of us are aware of the metaphysical, but in different contexts. And the Christian misconception of traditional metaphysical pursuits (for example, voodoo or the Tarot) is very condemning. I do not know how they are going to take it when we all 'wake up' when the 'veil is lifted'. As a former very strong Catholic myself, I gradually discovered that like the 'meat' and the 'entertainment' industries, religions paint a picture that is not quite the healthiest for you.

Instead of 'going straight to Source' they want the believer to 'go be together with others to a place where someone can help you worship' with them. It's not bad, in that context. But there could be more, so much more. And soon, everyone is going to be made aware enough of it to have a choice to move on up to the fifth dimension or to remain in dense three D.

The news I have been getting on my alternate sources of information has been astounding. Photos of aircraft. Going aboard ship. Excellent philosophical quotes and advice. Things are moving at a very fast pace towards what I described in the paragraph above. When your choices become more clear to you, as a Reiki Doc and friend, I ask you, not to concern yourself about others and where they are. Everyone is PERFECT in their current state of development. Focus on YOURSELF. It is then, and only then, that your vibration and open heart have an opportunity to awaken those around you, and give them the best chance possible to help themselves UP. Everyone deserves a chance on the fifth dimension. It is a party that EVERYONE is going to want to experience!


Reiki Doc