Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baseball and Reiki

This one is painful to write.

It is a lesson I am actively learning.

As a single parent, I share custody of our son. One thing I have learned, is that co-parenting is very much like parenting in marriage: there are not always agreements, there is lots of compromise, and you have to trust in Life that everything is happening as it is meant to be.

I am a baseball mom. It was not my choice. The other side of the family is very into the sport and signed out son up for it. I have little in common with the other parents, other than the children. And far less time to attend all the practices and games. Even our son is feeling the lack of downtime in our day-to-day routine because of it.

That being said, however, I ADORE the sport! When I was twelve I played little league myself, and loved it. I collected baseball cards, chewed lots of gum, and practiced after school until dark with my dad.  I watched games and went to major league games when I could. One of my first dates with my ex was to a major league ball game together. I loved that he loved baseball as much as I did. (Even now when asked I keep score for the little league games, because papa taught me well. Most other baseball moms can't).

Sometimes Reiki can be lonely. You just 'don't fit'. The pain today is from not being invited after the game to the Play-Date-Poker-Game at the Coach's house that my ex is going to with our kid. It hurts to be left out. But because of my vibration, I am not comfortable with that kind of entertainment. And they are not as comfortable on some level with me.

Our son is chubby. Since he was two, I got him into swimming. It is a sport one can enjoy all of their days, be water-safe, and there is little risk of injury. I have spent thousands of dollars on lessons, race entry fees, and spent much time at the pool. In my view, this is one of the best health options for him, and furthermore, he excels at it. So seeing his swimming cut back to no races and only one class a week, hurts. I have stayed with it, however, and recently, he expressed missing swimming, and is looking forward to getting into competition again. I am not sure how well he will compete, as he will have to build up his stamina again. But a painful lesson is a lesson all the same.

Now let us get to the baseball field. What I see is vastly different from what meets the eye on the field, because of Reiki, intuition, and the ability to sense intention by Aura. Let's just say I play for a Different Team. ; )

Today, there was no place to park. It is always very popular. I drop my boy off, and he takes his bag and runs. A spot opened up on the hill, and I took it. It was Divine Providence, that spot, and I appreciated it very much.

As I made my way to the field, I am searching for my little one. He is in uniform, and in no way looks like the Reiki 2 practitioner I have made of him. His father is in his usual spot, and makes no effort to acknowledge me. I check to make sure the boy has enough cool water to drink, for it is a warm day.

I head back to my friend, the pharmaceutical sales rep mom, who was widowed two years ago. I like her, and I enjoy spending time with her. I see the loss in her children's and her eyes. And I am sad because I know so much that could help them, but I can't. The husband, 'checked out', and if they wanted they could contact him. They could accept the fact that moving on is right in everyone's eyes, both in Heaven and on Earth. But they do not cut themselves off from it. A friend who has lost a child once said that 'grief is the only connection I have left to him'.  The teammate, and the son, eats, breathes, and sleeps baseball. And today he was the game winning run.

People Manifest. I see that so clearly on the field. The children are, without knowing it.

There is the son of the clerk at the local metaphysical shop I go to often. She introduced herself to me on the bleachers, since I did not recognize her out of the store. She knows this blog. Her husband is open, but not actively growing in Spirit now. He was in fact the one that taught her to meditate many years ago. He did, however,  realize last week that trying three times to take their daughter somewhere, and it not working, might be an Official Sign from the Universe. She was pleased with her husband for that insight.

Their little one can hit. But he is very preoccupied with the outcome, and this preoccupation makes it hard for him to hit and get on base. He takes it very personal. I see so much, and when we talked, she admired the attitude of my son. I laughed and said, 'that's because I tease him and we joke around together all the time. We crack each other up!'. Her son played better today, I hope, because I helped them focus on the solution, and not the problem that her son was starting to Manifest. I also asked her advice on how to make arrangements for a weekend shift I had on my weekend, whether to skip the game and take him to his cousin's, or ask his Dad. Her advice was spot-on. Our son is keenly aware of fairness in the amount of time spent with both parents, and what is important to him is to negotiate an equal time switch. Intuitive friends are like Heaven!

Then there is Frank, the teammate who is just barely 'keeping it together'. His mother is high-strung, and his father almost chewing him out on the field and hitting him in front of others. They are not together. This kid has NO self-confidence because of it. He is like a leaf in a storm, a candle in the wind. Karuna Reiki (TM) gave me compassion with a capital C. So what did I do for Frank from the sidelines today? Sent him Universal Light Energy when he was at bat or catching. And at the end, congratulated him with a big Reiki-laden high-five.

Two of the boys on the team are homosexual. I know it and I feel it. One of them knows himself (but not my knowing) and compensates by doing well. The other, doesn't really know it. But my antennae are up, and I know. I don't know how to tell you, but I just know.

Then there is the family from Someplace I Don't Know but they Talk Funny. There are two brothers on the team. The negativity that the parents and grandparents bring to the field astonishes me. They say nice words and bring homemade snacks and film every game. But the pressure they put on their poor children! And the two boys try so hard, they do not perform as well as the others. With these parents, I Shield myself, energetically, and try to rise above the comments that they make. After talking with the Coach about their chatter, he spoke to them. They have made improvements, which is ENORMOUS movement in the Spirit world. That being said, I avoid them, and try to keep to myself when I am near.

There are the Coaches. Good men. Patient men. Role models. I think they know each other and live down the street. I thank God for them in our son's life. And that they would invite my ex over, is a good thing, actually. Even if the children will run loose, the parents will drink, and the men will gamble. This is 'bonding' in the suburbs where we live.

The coaches have 'cool wives'. Those are the hardest for me to get to know. They are polite, they say appropriate things, but just like in grade school, I kind of get the feeling they are saying something about me behind my back. That is the one complaint my ex's mother had about the sport: the other moms. Same thing. Either way, I sense it is appropriate for their level of Development, and Mine. And I let it rest.

These women have no idea of what I do in my day-to-day life. They like the epidurals and their anesthesiologists. They ask me for medical advice. And that's about it.

Today I learned that winning isn't important. It is a way for those of us on Earth to find something to Occupy our Time, and for those of us who wish to Develop our Talents to measurably demonstrate them.It is about the Playing and not so much about the Score, although it does feel nice to win.  Everyone there, at that game, including the ones that littered in the park, were in the Right Place at the Right Time. Everyone's energy, everyone present, even the kids playing out in the field across the park, were there in the Divine Timeframe. Everything was Perfect on that day.

We are here to teach each other lessons. I saw one of the opposing players and by claircognizance when he was at bat, I picked up that he played too many violent video games. I hope that on some level, the people and the park were receptive to what I bring to the field. Energetically. And in my heart.

Besides, what better place to practice Reiki than when a player gets hurt? "I am a doctor, let me see!" and as I examine the injured player, the Reiki flows, and they feel better right away. And when our son gets hit by the ball and in pain, he gives Reiki  to himself, and feels better right away.

Everything happens for the Best.  Today's lesson was that Reiki can be lonely. But I wouldn't trade it any other way.


Reiki Doc