Sunday, April 22, 2012

Status Quo: Reiki on Living in The Moment

This morning I woke up at five o'clock in the OB Anesthesia Call Room. I had slept all night. I had wondered why they called the CAT team to the OR earlier. I thought of a CT Scan team, not the Emergency Response Team, at the middle of the night.

I set the alarm for ninety minutes. A full other sleep cycle. But at six fifteen, I was called emergently to a woman in labor who was going fast. Because of change of shift, I had to put away my iPad and Pillow, find my phone and wallet, stethoscope, pen, badge, and void first. I took the elevator up. Once at the room with my cart, it was too late. Back down.

Still in the moment, the new anesthesiologist came. We talked. I found out a lot more from this one, who is joining the group, about the politics in my group than I did being in it! Instead of being surprised, I stayed in the moment, and took the opportunity to inform myself of what was up. After, I ate my breakfast.

On the way to my parent's house, which is the opposite direction from the hospital to my house, I called ahead to ask if they would like some breakfast. My son enjoys McDonald's egg sausage biscuit and hash browns. No one picked up the phone. So I came over. Ever still in the moment, I found out my parents were not near the phone, and my son, on the computer, didn't bother to pick up. 'I'm sorry you made that choice,' I said to him, knowing that he heard my voice. 'I am not turning around and going back to Mc Donalds right now. We are going to have fresh strawberries I brought home with me first.'. So together we ate a whole carton of fresh organic strawberries.

When it was time to go to Mc Donald's, I could not stomach their coffee. I know I should drink 'the right tea' but I still enjoy my morning cup of coffee. The headache was coming on. For the first time in my life, I went across the street to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I bought a cappuccino, in a big cup. A little machine caught my eye. It was a single-serve espresso machine, with beautiful design. A man saw my quizzical expression, wondering what it was and if it was any good. He made me a cup. It was quick and cute, and very much like the machines they have in France. I have not been amazed by anything new for a long time! Next month they have forty dollars off for one week. I think I just might wait for that event!

Back at my parent's, we ate. And mom was ready to 'give me the tour'. We are a plant family, with much more care to the garden than most. I saw amazing flowers, taking lots of pictures, and got to take seeds. I also made a bouquet of seafoam and sweet peas. Mom didn't want me to go home, And my son wanted to spend the day with his cousin. It took a lot of diplomacy and tact to get myself and my boy out of there in time for his baseball practice at noon. We almost didn't make it. He had to change in the car. My blood pressure did not go up. I lived in the moment, leaving all expectation at the door.

What is my point?

Where you are is the one thing that always stays the same. You and your attitude. Everything else, all the situations, flows around you,, and you get to pick and choose your reaction to all of it.

Staying in the moment makes your communication better. It helps you reach deep inside, during that pause before you think how to react, and to know what you want and how you truly feel. Sometimes, like my son, you have to push a little. But for most situations, a simple explanation will suffice.

'Be Honest!' the director of the first preschool my son was ever at once told me, as I got all flustered over how to deal with the father of our son. We were in court then, and I was pushed to my limit. He has a temper, and I didn't want to set it off. I think she helped me more than the school ever helped our boy! I miss that school very much.

Be honest and direct in your dealings with others. It will take you far and keep you in the present time.

One day, that is all that will remain: NOW. Time is going away.

You heard me right. Time, if you haven't noticed, has been speeding up. And once it hits a critical state, it will cease to exist. Everything will be one great big moment NOW. How that will spell out is a mystery to me. Will our watches stop? Will planes get stuck in the sky? What if you are sitting on the toilet? Making love would not be so bad, I guess...but either way, our usual way of life is going to have significant differences from how we are used to it.

I was in a big crowd most of the afternoon. As I looked, the sheer number of people who are going to 'wake up' astonishes me. Each and every one of us that reads this, is going to have an effect on a number of people around us who are going to be confused by all the changes in their environment.

Someone has to explain them! There is a very good chance that if you are on this page, that when the time is ripe, that someone shall be you.

Live in the Moment. Just like I described in my day from waking up to the ball park. Then and only then will you have the strength of wit and soul to guide others on their Path. Reiki Doc is counting on you.


Reiki Doc