Saturday, September 3, 2011

On Karma and Fate

This is a channeled message

There are places where no one has been in the mind. At least not for a long, long, very long time.  We can create from the mind abundance, pleasure, and all good things. 'You are what you think' is right. Whatever you contemplate upon, God will manifest it.

Karma is the awakening of justice that is radical to popular belief. It is more than restitution for choices made incarnate. It is balance. In order for duality to survive, there must be polar opposites. For every thought taken, one thought and the other will manifest. It is like antimatter in the scientific realm.

Your thought, on what will be good for you, sets the tone of your day. Hour after hour, it becomes part of you. Your Life. And how you live it. This sets up a pattern for the common mind to enhance, albeit pleasure or boredom or strife. Everything is as it manifests. It is all for the purpose of your enlightenment--that is, your discovery of the self, of who you are.

The price for this, what is exacted, is from trying to be who you are not.

Let me explain. The more you stray from your Life's Purpose, the more out of balance Life becomes. This is recorded and measured in the pineal gland in the mind and in the brain. Everything out of balance will come back fourfold in measure.The farther one strays from love and light, the more balance that will have to be repaid, relearned, in powerful lessons.

The common path is to live in light, freedom, and harmony. That is all for today.

(I just stopped channeling)

What is channelling? It is one connects with the higher realms and carries a message. I write. I have written for twenty one years. It is always for myself. This is the first I have channeled for the public.

It feels like the awareness that comes when someone is staring at you. I pick up on it and sense it. Instead of turning to look, I write what thoughts come to me. The handwriting is mine. I am conscious of what is happening. I try to relay the message as right as it comes to me as possible. I ask for clarification when a word or thought is unclear. It is going back and reading all the messages that makes more sense for me.

For whatever reason, it is complete. Have a pleasant Labor Day Weekend everybody.


Reiki Doc