Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reiki Nurse

I just read a book by Meredith Kendall, RN.

She is ahead of me by many years. Her insights to working in a hospital are similar to mine. And her openness about Reiki is outstanding.

I came 'out' yesterday to my mentor. Told him I was in a program to become a Certified Psychic and Healer. I did not share that I am a Reiki Master and Karuna (TM) Reiki Master. He was skeptical. I caught myself saying, 'I am GOOD (at it)'.

I think in all reality, I am a better Lightworker than Doctor, but as Anesthesiologists go, I am pretty good at that too.

Lately my heart hasn't been in it, at the hospital. It just seems so commercialized. I had a small complication, and the patient was fine, but the spouse went all off on me a la Jerry Springer Show. That got me down. I put reiki into her by touching her on the arm. Meredith's chapter about medico-legal issues was helpful. Very helpful at this time.

One of my friends Jeff Brown of Soulshaping, posted today to step into your truth. I am starting to do that. Reiki is part of who I am. One day, soon, I hope to let you know my identity and let you see my smile.


Reiki Doc