Friday, September 23, 2011


Yesterday's happening in the OR was a little 'woo woo', even for me. But I have to write it! It was a breakthrough on the energetic healing front.

I had the most nervous patient even for carotid endarterectomy yesterday. One great big bundle of FEAR--blood pressure skyrocketing over 200 in the preoperative holding suite. Once her consent was approved, the versed I gave to calm her anxiety dropped it at once to 174.

I used all my reassuring techniques to get her to the OR. Once there, BP was again 230/133. I had to treat to get her to sleep safely. With a BIS (a monitor of level of consciousness, a big sticker on someone's head that reads brain activity and gives you a number on a box that means 'awake' or 'asleep'), I saw once her consciousness faded (BIS 70) her blood pressure also normalized.

The anesthesia was routine as long as she was asleep. During this lull, I gave Reiki.

As I connected, the patient's higher self spoke with me!

"What are you doing here? Stop interrupting me! I am talking with my family! I don't WANT to go back!" her spirit said.

"Ummm, I am taking care of you and giving you a healing." I replied.

"But I DIED! I am in Heaven and it is wonderful here. I don't want to leave." she persisted.

(fully aware of perfect vital signs) "You are not dead. You are having anesthesia and carotid surgery. You will live and wake up at the end. Enjoy your visit." I said in my mind, starting to give the rest of the Reiki treatment in silence.

Then she got cagey. "WHY are you doing this?" she asked.

I had to think. "Who ELSE is going to?" I blurted out, again, in mental conversation.

"But WHY are you doing this? For the money? For the fame? The notoriety?" she demanded.

"No! No! I am not sure why. But patients need to be helped, and I can, so I do...for FREE."

She seemed pleased with the response. "You know what my Mama used to say? When you see something wrong in front of you--MAKE IT RIGHT!" she said, "Make it RIGHT!"

I finished her reading and healing. There was a lot of imbalance in the will, in the survival (yellow, red chakras), and her blue one was overfunctioning (throat). I balanced and healed, and disconnected, somewhat shaken by what had transpired.

There is intelligence that is not quite connected with the conscious self. And I had just spoken to it.

The rest of the anesthetic, was quite routine for this surgery. She awoke to normal neurological function.


Reiki Doc