Monday, April 19, 2021



The feeling of 5D! Ahhhh! In fact we have renamed it! How about the term, 'Quintessence'?

Today's blog post has had a few 'detours' to bring it to you today. Not one but two mouses that won't work. Also a sudden blanking 'off' of a laptop for no reason.

It takes patience and dedication to work for our team.

On Saturday I was on first call. I went to bed at sunset on Friday to rest. But the phone calls came in telling me which cases to do. Finally there was a text. But it didn't say that the eight a.m. case had switched to ten a.m. It was vague and sounded like there were two cases.

So by eight I was in the O.R. 

The case had moved. 

I took a long walk, and let the sun dry my hair that was wet from the shower. 

I came back and the ten a.m. case was cancelled.

Should I go home? My next work was at two.

No, I went to the call room and had a snack.

Fortunately I stayed because a noon case added on. 

I did all my work, but was horrified that I might get called back in, So I spent the night, needlessly, at the call room. I reminded myself that others often do the same thing, just in case.

Ross wanted me to go out for a special breakfast. I wanted to go home and change. But once I was home, I didn't want to leave. I had leftovers right from the container, not even breakfast food, for 'breakfast'. I made a nice pot for one of Murchie's tea, Golden Jubilee, and enjoyed it very much.

But I was in a fog.

For lunch I had some cheese ball and crackers, and an orange. Not much. 

Then I went to the tire center to see about why my tire was low pressure every morning. 

It was a nail.

So I didn't have an appointment. I needed to wait 'two hours' for them to fix it.

I was grateful it could be fixed!

The wait was three hours. 

All's well that ends well, right?

I was home from the store and ready to cook dinner.  Instead we cleaned the bunny and her cage, and also, rinsed the most recent semi-pool fill and drained it. 

But Ross watches. He knows. And he sent me somewhere else. You see, Ross is a Capricorn, and his love language is gifts--meaningful ones--as well as gifts of service.  He got me something special. And we even got to eat out for takeout, just to help.

It was a long week. I had six straight days of work, seven if you count being on backup call, and today makes eight. Ross himself had a 'weekend project' that went well. 

You might be able to fool yourself, into thinking that your needs aren't important, getting rid of leftovers is 'good enough'...but Spirit knows. Spirit won't let you sell yourself short.

The spirit of 5D, Quintessence, is the harmonious feeling (interlacing fingers Ross is to demonstrate) of everything working together for the highest good of all. 

This is the most important knowledge there is.

Heaven is coming to Earth! One way or another. And we get to SEE it with our own eyes!

Aren't we lucky?

Turn off the news. And know that behind all that drama, somewhere, is a future that is glorious to behold!

clap! clap!

Ross says it's time for Carla to get ready for work. She has a late start.

Aloha and Mahalos, 



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are madly in love with life and also with one another.