Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Picnic Of The Life Experience

Yesterday I was humiliated by a cardiologist.

My patient had runs of strange beats intra-op. I asked the meanest one in the department (who was on call) to look at it.

'For a cardiac anesthesiologist!' he said, clucking his teeth and shaking his head, 'This is ARTIFACT! Look! Look! Here are the P-Waves! This is FIRST YEAR RESIDENT stuff here...'

That's not true. I was a professor of cardiac anesthesia. All of my colleagues, given the clinical presentation, would have called for back-up on those rhythm strips. At other institutions, too.

This guy was an asshole. The surgeon knew it too.


In today's Reiki healing for all of us, yesterday's scenario kept coming up. Spirit worked with me to explain the 'dynamics' of the Ascension Process:

  • This cardiologist was of Low Vibration.
  • Low Vibration people are endemic to Gaia's surface population.
  • They have every right to be here.
  • Just like when you go to a picnic, you are going to have ants.
  • I saw Lightworkers like a column of light spanning Heaven and Earth, 'connecting them'.
  • At the 'foot' of the Lightworkers, are swarms of 'ants'.
  • This kind of interaction is inevitable for a worker of the Light.
  • It defines who each of you are. Low Vibration. Higher Vibration. (not better, just more Consciousness)
  • It is part of the process and should be given no more concern than the ant.
  • Like Ants, Low Vibration people are territorial and seek something from you (for ants it is food and water).
  • This is nothing personal. It is what ants do.
  • Ants can bite and sting! It may hurt, but only a little and not affect 'who you are'.
  • I also saw 'Light' as Reiki energy high vibration coming out of my hands.
  • I 'saw' that like sunlight, with a magnifying glass, this 'Light' could fry ants!
  • We would never want to do this to them, but the Vibrational difference is this great to the ants.
  • Low Vibration have a 'sense' of your 'different-ness' from them, and this makes them uncomfortable.
  • Uncomfortable people are more prone to 'act out'.
  • This uncomfortable-ness often is the first sign of one's 'waking up'--for example, in dream-time, when I have met Higher Vibration than me people, and I realize the difference, I am embarrassed and thankful at the same time.
  • I want to stay low and give them a hug until my Vibration 'matches' theirs more and we can communicate.
  • Vibrations have unlimited ability to adapt and rise when the conditions for this growth are right.
That is all for today.

Don't take it personal. It's part of the job description. And the Reiki has been sent to support you in your Life Purpose and your Life Path.


Reiki Doc

P.S. this song popped in during the Reiki session, too: