Friday, July 19, 2013

Self-Love and Reiki

Imagine your heart as a little box that has memory for everything you ever thought or did.

What's in it?

Mine used to have a lot of doubt, worry, fear, anxiety, dread, and wishing for something better.

Is that any way to live?

Then I got Reiki. I took Reiki classes. I found Reiki fellowship and friends. I started twice daily self-Reiki practice.

But it didn't change what was my 'status quo' of negative self-talk, and 'preparing for the worst so I could be surprised by the best when it happens'.

Then, a teacher gave a book that was channelled by an entity called 'Gunter'. I read a chapter every night before I went to sleep. This book had spiritual growth inside it, along with exercises, so that is why it was just one chapter a day and not the whole thing.

I learned that thoughts are 'things' and they are very powerful.

Think of a fish tank full of water, and all the fish are swimming around in it. Guess what happens to the food and the poop after a while if you don't have a filter? It gets yucky and stinky, isn't that right?

Well, Earth is like a giant electronic 'fish tank' with all of US swimming around in it. And instead of food and poop, every THOUGHT we ever have goes directly into this 'electronic cloud' around the planet.

An not only do our THOUGHTS have the ability to create patterns in our own lives, but the SUM of them helps to create what happens in society too. This is called 'the collective consciousness'.

So a lot of Gunter's teachings focuses on how to 'edit the thoughts' and to 'assess the feelings'. This is because THOUGHT + EMOTION = POWER TO CREATE THE FUTURE EVENTS THAT WILL AFFECT YOUR LIFE.

Read that equation over and over, until it starts to make sense.

All of the work of Louise Hay is the application of this Spiritual Fact towards the betterment of one's health. It is like the Law of Gravity. It is another Law. Although it has been called 'The Law of Attraction', that brings up in my mind friends who try too hard to control their life for the creation of financial resources.  Just think of it as 'Co-Create'.

So---one very effective form of self-love is to rewrite the powerful 'self-talk' that goes on in one's head.

Now I am moving on to another 'phase' of this 'process'. I am wanting to make my life better, and finding the VOICE I lost so long ago with my personal power.

I have been in a funk over paperwork the past six months. I hate it. I am not the best organizer, and I never know where to 'file things'. To be honest, when given the choice between life in Spirit and life on Gaia, I chose the path of Spirit every time. It was more fun! It felt more natural! And with a moon in Gemini, I travel just as often as I can! I like to 'get out of the house'.

I also accepted some B.S. about 'as a women it is my duty to bless (clean) my home for my family.'

I struggled.

I used to spend entire weekends cleaning the house.

Then I gave up. I just did the basics--bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, and meals.It wasn't worth the 'drill sergeant' to make the kid clean up either. I was exhausted and in need of sleep.

It wasn't until I noticed at the hospital in the O.R. that they have a team of people working full-time to clean the place that I 'woke up' on that one. It isn't just the O.R. itself--it is the nurses' lounge and the doctor's lounge and the locker rooms and the toilets.  Cleaning takes time, which I do not have. I am the bread-winner and I work full-time.

Here are some examples of self-love I am experimenting with:

  • Looking into a maid service that I trust.
  • Balancing my checkbook register.
  • buying lots of nuts and RAW energy bars for my bag at work so I won't starve.
  • asking a huge favor of a friend who lives close to the hospital to let me stay over there nights when I am on first call and get out of the hospital really late instead of sleeping on a gurney in PACU.
  • going outside and sitting in the sun (it energizes me and clears my aura)
  • signing up for delivery service for groceries.
  • focusing on making good memories for myself and my son.
  • reaching out and putting time into friendships and family.
  • yoga! yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga.
  • eliminating 'not so healthy' food from my diet to help me have more energy.
  • buying a few new summer clothing items from Tar-g-t just for fun.
  • Allowing myself to experience what I am feeling in this moment NOW (this isn't easy for me)
  • giving myself permission to make two small mistakes and one big one every day. (just make sure you don't keep repeating the same ones. : )   )

Self-love is important. Only fulfilled and happy people can reach out and support others. For example, this morning, my son would like crepes filled with nutella and bananas for his breakfast. I have a late start, I am up early, and now is the perfect time for making them. He is going away to his dad's this weekend, and I can give him a nice memory before he goes. Usually mornings are quite hectic. But with a 'full cup' of my own well-being, I am able to assist him and help make his life experience more pleasant just because my heart is able to think of it, and want to carry the plan out.

Namaste, and Aloha,

Reiki Doc