Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Goddess' Work

I have been up since 3 in the morning, now it is time for bed!

Today was fascinating! The energies are Off The Hook! Yesterday I began to experience Love energy, calm healing Love late in the afternoon. This is what I have been starving for my whole life. What this means is the vibrations are 'right', are compatible with my natural state of bliss from where I 'come from', wherever that may be. 

Epidural after epidural, with one going in right (through a very muscular pilates-five-days-a-week back) and another taking some 'patience'. I was done at seven a.m., with no time to rest.

I ate RAW, it totally helped.

At home I did TAXES. Yes, life has been so busy for me, that I filed an extension. Today I went to see the tax man. He is wonderful, and so is his assistant. His former assistant became a massage therapist. She was very 'open'. This one now loves pandas, like me. She showed me the twin panda babies at the Atlanta Zoo online while I waited.

The strangest thing happened--my tax man, whom I have known for over ten years, wants to blog! Next thing I knew, I was talking about this, and about seeing ghosts, and guess what? He is totally okay with it! He is 'Spiritual'! He has had experiences and heard friends' experiences, and he believes in the afterlife and contact with those who have crossed over! 

I was shocked, in a nice way, that after holding my secret from him I could be myself. (His wife had passed away unexpectedly several years back. He said his girlfriend's sister has seen ghosts ever since she could remember, and had picked up on the wife at the home where she had died and they still live. I confided I too had seen her ghost, and my message turned out to be much the same as the sister's.)

As I went to the car, I got this thought, 'you know, this life of mine must have been to strengthen up my masculine side!', after all, I am very feminine, and would have been totally absorbed in family life instead of being here for others at the hospital and for you here and now. (It felt 'right')

I picked up my boy, and I was hungry. So was he. I had checked with the pendulum first--time to go 'on assignment'.

We went to eat at the place where our psychic gifts were to be used 'to catch a thief'.
(He actually ate two slices of pizza down the street first, because he didn't like the food.)

As we were seated, an energy came out from the server that made my skin crawl. My boy picked up on it too. We watched everyone else, too, as we ate our meal.

I smiled and relaxed. I had on my 'French shirt', a 3/4 sleeve tee with navy boating stripes. I also felt a familiar energy flowing in the kitchen and stop cold at the door to the dining room. 

I'm cool with that! There is so much freedom when you feel the Universe supporting you. I had heard my favorite song ever, La Vie en Rose, on the music system. Then an asian song. I saw the familiar one hug a mutual friend. After he left, I went up to her, because she is fond of my kid. We said 'hello'. 

Back at meal time, I heard this:

Something in me relaxed like it hadn't in years. We laughed, and I was surprised to hear my easy laughter rising up in the dining room. My son was talking about something moms are supposed to say, 'that's not polite dear', and then right as I took a big sip of chocolate drink, said, 'what am I supposed to talk about now? Rainbows?'

And the chocolate came out my nose I laughed so hard! Delighted and embarrassed at the same time, I hadn't experienced this since the eighth grade! I sputtered, coughed, and cleaned myself up.

We saw our family friends who 'hired' us at a booth. We said quick hellos, and went back to work. (My boy shared about the summer camp field trip to the baseball game, where the best part was someone who ran onto the field and got tazered in front of the entire stadium. Kids these days are something else.)

I felt energy pulsing through me in waves that was very pleasant once we sat down and finished our meal. My tostada was delicious.

On the way to the car, I saw a spider on the truck parked next to us. A real spider, crawling right where I could see. The spider is a sign of the Goddess. They show up everywhere. How you feel about spiders is a good 'thermometer' of how comfortable you are with Goddess energy. (this is not to make you feel guilty, but to give you a chance to 'grow' in your comfort with them, if you so like.)

Then in the car, guess what? Good old MJ gives a nod--while flipping through the stations to skip the commercials, I heard this:

I feel Michael's presence. He is warm, happy and supportive. He is smiling and letting me know he is not done with the work with me, yet.

Instead, I have peace in my heart, for my inner masculine and feminine are beginning to 'balance' and feel 'right' inside, at last. It is Divine Peace. And I have waited my whole life for this.

Good things are around the corner, energy-speaking. If I can talk Spirit with my Tax Man, and use psychic gifts to catch a crook that is hurting my friend's business, we are coming a long way in the Ascension path!

Love and ALOHA to my ohana who read this,

Reiki Doc