Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Perfect Day

Today had a dreamlike quality to it. It was very good.

The first part was a case (I can't tell you what, exactly), but with a new very BIG piece of equipment (Think Domo Arigato Mr. _____-O), in the chest, with one of my old surgeons from my old work where I was a professor.

I heard this voice say 'good morning' to me as my bouffant hat stuck on my ponytail and covered my eyes. I looked up and it was him--I had been up many a night with him over ruptured thoracic aneurysms and even once told him to re-open the chest because my TEE showed there was a kink in the coronary bypass graft when he closed it. Although he was not my mentor, he was more like a brother and a friend through the many years we worked together.

It was wonderful to feel the affection and respect of the old team, and heart team we had been, all of us, from perfusion to scrub tech, all of us, worked together as one.

This patient was as perfect as could be--no teeth (more room for the double-lumen endotracheal tube), super easy i.v. insertion, and easy arterial line! I verified the tube placement with fiberoptic scope, taped it, and the case was on!

I was shocked to see in the room a strange man who looked an awful lot like the chief heart surgeon at our old work. Why would he come here? But it wasn't him.

As I sat, my Reiki 1 student RN came up to me. She is looking into RN First Assist--where she scrubs in and helps the surgeon. I thought COOL! More Reiki opportunity. But then here is the kicker--last week, a sick vascular patient came in. Both this RN and the scrub-tech-now-nursing-student were giving Reiki as the prep was being done. They gave a lot.

The surgeon opened and said out loud, 'I don't know HOW this patient could still be alive!'. 

The vascular problem had burst!

Everything went well and it was a huge save!

Back to my patient's case, at the end, the strange man came over and said, 'Excellent job on the anesthesia! The lung went down and it STAYED DOWN!' I demurred and said since the patient had no teeth it was easy. (In reality, I picked the right size tube, checked to make sure it was in position, and taped it really well). He does hearts in Dallas! I asked about the eating habits there, and he said 'It's job security' (everyone is heavy and full of heart disease). He can do robotic everything on the heart, valves, bypass, off-pump, you name it. It was really great to meet him. It was most UN-cardiac to be nice to anesthesia like that. Wow! I really appreciate it.

At lunch I saw the Egypt thing. I think this is the beginning of the end of the cabal. I was pretty excited. But when I saw a picture in the paper this morning of Obama and Dubya in some middle east place commemorating 'lives lost in a plane crash' anniversary, I saw some pretty strange body language. As you know, W is a full-on archon inside that body, with no scruples or heart whatsoever. (Both George senior and Barbara are products of Joseph Mengele's Monarch program). And they both had their hands clasped in a weird way down low over their bodies. W had no facial expression or body language consistent with the occasion--it could have been a kegger, you know? Anyhow, Obama looked at W, as if looking for a signal. Something was being 'said'. And with the media frenzy now over Egypt, it's time to meditate meditate meditate each morning over  Egypt like Cobra says until 'the fat lady sings'.

While I saw the T.V. in the Doctor's Lounge where my huge white vortex is working very nicely, thank you very much, the table of doctors present decided to slam alternative medicine. It started with a colonoscope patient asking about detoxing. An then the gay primary care doc said he was asked at a spa if he wanted to pay twenty dollars extra for seaweed extract for a massage. Apparently since seaweed 'absorbs pollution from the oceans it can absorb toxins from you.' No thanks, he said. Another spoke about the negative ion water, the liver 'flush' and kale. That's when I spoke up, put on my biggest grin and said, 'I LIKE kale!'

You see, their grief is over people getting information from just anybody on the internet. Now they DIRECT people to 'good websites':
So, alternative or not, now you are informed of some 'good sites' on the conventional front. 

I prefer to sit amongst them and just know that one day, my truth will come out, all truth will come out, and they will be amazed at how cool I was not trying to 'convince' them of anything except that I enjoy kale. (everyone but me had the nasty 'choose your own' pasta bar, too. I ate a salad.)

The next case was a patient with clear signs of overwhelming metastatic disease. I gave Reiki and the transition symbol.

Then I wanted to go home.

I went in through the recovery room. Someone was coding. I saw the code team there, and walked to my lock box cabinet to put all the anesthesia narcotics away.

As I was at the cabinet, I realized I should give reiki to the poor person that was coding. I did. The spirit of that person showed up, I explained to them and Blessed Mother how I was helping, and She said she would take care of the rest of it. She took his hand and they walked away.

I walked back to the bedside. Two of my Reiki students were there, taking it in. That is good. And my friend who was running the code was doing okay. My offer for help was declined. I also, oddly enough, saw the spirit clearly in the nurse who thinks they are a doctor in the cardiology department, the one who back-stabbed me quite viciously three years ago. There was NO connection to source. All efforts were through the mind, and they were confused that 'things weren't working'. I saw all of the life, from childhood to adult, in that person in one glance. I realized the back-stabbing wasn't me. (part of the first case helped soothe the pain from that stab, too. It has been festering for some time now). A scrub tech was saying it was time to call the code (stop resuscitating efforts). But as I walked out, plan was for ICU on drips.

On the way out the door to the parking lot, I ran into a colleague walking in. 

The coding patient had died. This one was coming in to help the anesthesiologist that had a bad day.

Mine, on the other hand, was excellent! A little Reiki here, a little educating the doctors there, a little thoracic wonderful and everything. It was a good day. <3


Reiki Doc