Monday, July 1, 2013

CA (star) CAR

'Who is that CREEP, Mom?' my son asked in shock after the fat sweaty Jew with the stained tee shirt gave me a hug in the Mother's Market parking lot. 'What did he want?!"

I smiled.

My son was seeing through the protective 'smoke and mirrors' of the third dimension.

I calmly explained to him how he had stopped me in the parking lot last spring, wanting to talk. He thought the hospital I am affiliated with killed his mother.

He explained how at another nursing home, admissions through since the family was Jewish, they were rich. They were a poor Jewish family. Once the stylish nursing home figured out what's what, they transferred her to a state-funded facility.

And how the doctors at the hospital pitted brother against brother, the weaker one going first, to stop the losses and make the mother DNR.

This grieving son had turned political!

'Because I am a doctor, son, I was nice and listened because he needed to talk. He was suffering and I helped him for a few minutes. That's all. Mommy is not interested in him as a friend or more."

With my fifth-dimension eyes, I 'saw' a grieving son who mourned the loss of his mother, someone intelligent enough to 'see through' the 'system', and someone who was engaged in an Quixotic Battle against the powers-that-be.

I can see through the fat and sweat and poverty and look into the heart of the person.

I do not judge, but I rejoice when I see angelic qualities reflected in the choices and thoughts and actions of a person. 

I also do not 'judge' the 'system' but instead send as much Love and Light to it as possible, and ask The Divine to truly be the judge and right any wrongs that may have been perceived by anyone.

Pretty soon everyone is going to be able to see like this too.

I can't wait!


Reiki Doc