Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shivassina: Meeting My New Light Body

Today while I was meditating in Shivassina pose at the end of Yoga class, I saw a row of beings seated at a table, like at a head table of a banquet. I saw Ascended Masters I recognized, and many more I didn't . The Buddha was with me, and gestured toward my feet. I was to see my new body that is made of Light.

I was nervous and excited.

I looked at my right foot.

It looked about the same!

I scanned up my right leg, the scar on my knee was GONE! And the sensation was back where it hadbeen numb  ever since my ACL reconstruction in internship.

My left leg was the same.

As I my view came up to my stomach, I was amazed to see the c-section scar was gone! So was the laparoscopy ports too.

You are whole! Everything is inside. And it works!

You mean if I wish, I may have babies and it will work this time? (I couldn't believe the miracle!)

Buddha nodded kindly, and said yes.

My asthmatic lungs filled with air like never in my entire life! There would be no allergies or bronchitis ever again!

And my face! I have to be honest, after my pituitary surgery I never really liked it: my whole face is numb, all of the time, like you are at the dentist.

I felt my face for the first time in ages! Buddha was so delighted he gave me a kiss, and I could feel everything, just like new!

The hands were quite different. They were a little see through and they glowed whiter than white. It was as if I could see the Reiki energy flowing through them. They felt the same, though, and moved just as in Life here on Earth in the third dimension...

It was then I was officially introduced to my Twin Flame.

He looked the way he wanted to look, which was slightly different from how he appears to me now, but his vibration felt the same as I have always felt it.

We were told we were free to start our new life, however we wanted to begin with it. We were glad to be done with our assignments and have the freedom we did not have in our earlier lives before we Ascended to 5D existence.

Panicked, I asked about my boy. He would be with us, much in the same way as before when I was single, and he wouldn't have to be born a second time!

The bell rang, the tingshaw chimes to remind us it is time to 'come back' and 'wake up'.

Everything disappeared, except for the hope and joy and sense of wonder. I hope I have recorded it enough to share this joy with you.

In the Higher Dimensions, our Light Bodies are Perfect and Functioning well in completeness.


Reiki Doc