Saturday, July 6, 2013

On Honoring The Healer

I want to show a huge picture of a Daisy!

Someone I know just got an award for it at the hospital.

There was no money. There was a pin, a book, a ceremony, and free cinnamon rolls for the department.

Cinnamon Buns were the deceased who the foundation was created for's favorite treat. He died at thirty-three of a terrible blood disease. The family created the award to recognize excellence in nursing care.

My friend always felt like being a nurse was 'more than a job to make a lot of money.'

I told her how taking care of my mom and helping out when she was in the hospital was a huge eye-opener on how hard nursing IS for me.

My friend said, 'I wouldn't be happy doing something that didn't take everything I had in order to the job. I wouldn't be challenged. I would be bored, you know?'

She has been a nurse for over forty years.

Being publicly acknowledged as a healer in front of everyone she knows means so very much to her.

Now she is known as a healer on this page too!

(She literally saved a life, and the family nominated her for the award.)


Reiki Doc

P.S. for more-- note how she confessed, ' winning this award made me NICER. I always TRY to be nice, but sometimes I am not.' Believe me, I KNOW! Anyhow, she went on, 'Now I just want to be nice all the time.'  This is what happens when we fill our own 'cup' inside with love, self-love and awareness. Welcome my friend to life in 5D!