Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Special Request Case: Sam's Grandmother

Remember Sam, who wanted to choose his own doctor--not the hundred percent conventional one, but one who was more in line with his philosophy on healing in general (several blog posts is the link:

Well, Sam is real and works in my O.R. He is an amazing surgical technician, especially when it comes to orthopedics. He is also a big Pop Warner football coach.

Sam asked me to do the anesthesia for his grandmother. She needed lifesaving surgery, and was a little risky to 'go under'. Although I was on OB anesthesia, I traded with a colleague for three hours to go and do her case.

Sam wants me to 'zap' with my energy healing in the O.R. (I have also done anesthesia for his 'auntie'.)

I did.

What was immediately obvious to me, once I got into the aura or the energy field of the patient while they were sleeping and stable under anesthesia of course, was that the underlying cause of the health problems and energy imbalance was lack of the Goddess energy; It was present but 'stifled' in this one, and needed some extra 'oomph!' to get it 'on the right track' and flowing normally again like 'chi'.

After I took care of the usual Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and chakra cleansing and balancing, I opened up the Goddess Spiral energy like I do with my daily/weekly Cobra Meditation for Planetary Liberation. (see below)

Part of this meditation is to raise one's hands up over the head to 'take in' the Goddess Spiral energy, and to say the mantra iiiiiiiiiiii while slowly spinning in a clockwise direction. I did this with my mind in the O.R. I also dropped my hands at the right time and said, iiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaa, iiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaa like we are supposed to do. I was guided to give just a touch of the violet flame, and a LOT of the Platinum Ray. I also was guided to heal a Timeline through this patient.

The case was uneventful, emergence was smooth, and we transferred her to the gurney.

As we pulled the gurney out of the room, Grandma stretched her arms up overhead, like this:

She kept them there as we wheeled down the hall. It caught the attention of the entire OR staff that was working in the hall. Woooo! Roller coaster! people said. Another one said,

TOUCHDOWN!!!!! Everyone agreed she looked adorable like that. Someone said, 'Halleluiah, praise Jesus!' too.

Then, she lowered her arms to her sides as we passed through the automatic double doors to the recovery room.

It was exactly the same amount of time that I had done both positions in the Goddess Spiral Meditation for her.

Nobody knew that but me. And now....YOU.

Isn't working with Spirit WONDERFUL? Amazing? And Light???


Reiki Doc