Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Magic Of Sleep

Sleep is important to help us anchor our energies and assimilate them. There is a cycle going on right now with Ascension: the new energies come down to our energy bodies, we eat and drink fresh, pure hydrating things to help ground these new energies, and we rest. The next day, we wake up and do the whole thing over again.

This has been my 'cycle' for the past two years.

The energy 'upgrades' feel somewhat like tingly or buzzing that is very soft deep in my tissues and on my skin. I can't 'see' them, with my human eyes or my 'third eye', but because of my ability to work with energy, I am sensitive enough to know they are there.

If Ascension is your goal, you might want to begin thinking about how you are going to make it easy on your body to adapt to all of these changes.

It is one thing to desire it. It is another to read about it, and follow sites like this on the Internet.

But it is an entirely different thing to experience it.

Why do you want to increase your Vibration of all the cells in your body so much that you can possibly Ascend?

Here are the benefits of a new, crystalline body with twelve active strands of DNA (again, this is the etheric body, not the physical one, yet. That is to come.):

  • The ability to manifest (create things as if by 'magic' but in reality using a well-established method of the Higher Realms (they don't farm food--they 'replicate' meals in a device like a microwave that is called a 'replicator'. It is rumored that the Ark of the Covenant is an antique Replicator.)
  • You can make yourself any age you want to be--total Reverse The Clock!
  • The body will be in Perfect Health and throw off any illness with ease.
  • You will have connection to Source through your Higher Self at all times. Directly.
  • Everyone who Ascends will be Telepathic--able to read each others minds. (this is a basic ability that was taken away from us through DNA manipulation over 25,000 years ago.)
Okay then, so HOW do you sleep?
  • When you are assimilating new energies, it is important to rest when you are tired. Even take naps!
  • Try to go to bed at the same time every night.
  • Use your bed only for sleeping! No reading or watching T.V.
  • If you don't fall asleep in half an hour, get up and go do something else.
  • Adjust your bedtime a few minutes a day earlier until you find 'what works' for you.
  • Wake up at the same time everyday, even on weekends. Only 'sleep in' a couple hours but not all morning.
  • No food or exercise two hours before sleep.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Have a bedtime 'routine'--brush teeth, wash face, drink water...this 'cues' your body that it is time to sleep.
  • And of course, REIKI! It got my son, who is 'not a good sleeper', to fall asleep easily once I got to Reiki III. (I treat him every night)
Did you know that the sleep you have under anesthesia is exactly like the sleep you have at night? The brain 'disengages' from the consciousness like a car engine does when you step on the clutch.

Scientists still don't understand 'where we go' when we sleep. They measure it into cycles, with REM being the restful sleep.

As we age, sleep quality decreases. The cycles get shorter and there is lack of REM.

Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition and must be treated with CPAP before the closing of the airway intermittently all night leads to permanent changes in the lungs and right side of the heart. The symptoms are: daytime sleepiness, falling asleep easily in a dark room such as a lecture after a big meal, 'automatic driving'--you plan to stop off at the store on your way home, but next you know, you are at home (the problem is 'mircrosleeps' at the wheel).  You don't have to be fat to have it. I do. I got thrown out of a sleep lab in medical school because I 'looked too thin' and they refused to test me. But ten years later, I got it, and although skeptical at first, the team believed in the morning! Anyhow, I had surgery to correct mine (it was mild). But there is SO much more energy when you have a good night's sleep, treatment is worth looking into!

It's time to go. I have work. There is a beautiful hummingbird chirping, drinking, and bathing in the fountain on the balcony.

Here is a fun thing to watch on sleep:

This one here is for mom and dad <3--they were just like this before I was born : )))


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