Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Energy Of The Ascension Process

How do you make a jewel?

Ordinary material is subjected to intense heat and pressure.

It then transforms.

The energy of Ascension is not like ordinary heat and pressure. It is not measurable, it is not detected by anything on earth with one exception: the human heart.

Here is the situation--everything around us is already in 5D. That's right, plants, trees, animals, Nature, and all of Gaia. Everything but the inhabitants. They are coming along at their own pace, by their own free will of their Higher Self, their Consciousness, if you prefer to call it this.

Here is an example, a story if you will...

Imagine a place that serves lots of people and is dedicated to the light. Let us suppose it is a restaurant. Everyone who works there is a 'friend'. So is the customer.

Let us imagine that a Human Angel discovers the place. It is Right Vibration for them. It is highly compatible.

As a matter of fact, Angels are already present at this establishment.

The Human Angel goes there often, to 'just be' fully present in their natural vibration. Not to hide. Just to relax. And to enjoy friendship, which is lacking with the lower dimension-type folks.

As a natural show of appreciation, this Human Angel (which is 'different' from an Angel Angel in Heaven), offers their blessing. Like one drop every day, a little brighter, a little Lighter, each blessing is sent.

It starts to add up. The frequency of the place is getting Higher. And HIGHER. The energy in the place is vibrating fast as her heart can make it. Fast so it feels 'right'. Fast so it feels 'good' by Human Angel standards.

This place, this imaginary place that never was but only in the imagination of a writer, is beginning to Ascend.

What can you expect from this Ascension energy? There are three things:

  1. Those with very high natural vibrations and who are on the 5D pathway to Ascend are going to have some bumps, but all in all, adapt their energy to 'absorb' all of this new energy.
  2. Those with very LOW vibration are going to get more uncomfortable. They are going to act up. They are going to have arguments. They are going to pick on people and say they are not doing something right. There might even be jealousy over seniority and retaliate by stealing from the cash register. They are not going to be able to 'make the jump' to the Higher Vibration and will have to be escorted 'out' to 'someplace right for them' by the Universe.
  3. Things are going to instantly manifest. If you think 'someone might steal and can't be trusted' guess what? Soon the register is not going to balance.  If there is concern because perhaps maybe one day there are less customers, and this is something that is on the mind, guess what? Even LESS people are going to arrive. It is the law of attraction, which empowers the Universe, happening at the place too.
What can be done to help in this Transition?

Hold on. Soon the 3D ones are going to 'wake up and smell the coffee' or 'go someplace else' in a very nice way, escorted by real Angels, to the 'place where they are gonna go and live out their 3D lessons'. That will leave behind the 5D'ers, who will adapt to the new requirements and create a new society.

At the 'restaurant', which is imagination, of course, some will leave and a core of dedicated Lightworkers will be left behind to repair the damage and build anew. For example, the front of the place would be cleaned and 'brightened up'. Energy work would be done, and perhaps now the 'not-so-reputable' place that offers 'relaxation with happy ending' next door will go vacant, and a different energy can be brought to the shopping center, right? The Goddess would be honored in all of her aspects, Maid (children), Mother (nursing moms) and Crone (special menus for special needs).

This is just to say, for an example, for each of you. 

So when things are going crazy at your work, and you have identity theft, and everyone is getting in the hospital in one week in your family, and your mother who used to hit you when you were little starts to kick your rescue dog...hold on.


Make yourself laugh out loud, seriously laugh for two minutes.

Say 'HU' to yourself LOUD four times.

Get in the sun.

Drink a glass of water.

Do Reiki!!! Pray! Meditate!!!

All of these things are going to bring your vibration UP, disengage the mind (ego), and allow the Heart to connect to Source to select the best possible outcome for you. The Heart has access to the Supercomputer of the Universe that figures the best best best out really quick (but don't ask it to be explained to you! LOL) How it will show up are 'ideas' that pop into your head. It is then up to YOU to follow them. It's not magic. It's science. The science of how to co-create.

It shouldn't take more than a few weeks when it gets really 'into the thick of things'. Just know that there is Peace ahead, and plenty of it. And JOY will overflow from every cup at that 'restaurant' too. 

It will be 'Joy On Tap'!

And Love Is The Solution For Everything.


Reiki Doc