Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Phase Two Of The Ascension Process

Question:   Where is your happiness?

Answer:   Here and Now

(more at this link from Blossom Goodchild on the importance of feeling your happiness:


Question:    What can I do to help trigger The Event?

Answer:  1) Do the Goddess Spiral Meditation every day at five p.m. Egypt time.
                2) Meet in small groups on Sundays at the same place to do the same Goddess Spiral Meditation (at twelve o'clock Pacific Daylight Time)

Here is what I understand:

  • The Goddess Spiral Energy is an angelic presence that dissolves all energy anomaly of Duality
  • It is the perfect balance between the Masculine and Feminine Energies
  • Through a process called 'microtriangulation' it dissolves Duality locally to where it is anchored down to surface of Gaia
  • It will take 144,000 people world-wide meditating simultaneously to generate a pulse of this energy that is powerful enough to Trigger The Event.
  • Because we are involved with the Transition, we have been asked to assemble as Renaissance regional groups, Financial, New Technology, Healers, Media, and Local Government groups world wide. The goal of these groups is to be able to provide support to the masses for the first few weeks after the Event. Banks will close and credit cards won't work but hopefully water and electricity will be available. Merchants may accept only gold and silver--we don't know for certain--so be ready. AFTER THINGS SETTLE YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR MONEY, EVERYTHING THAT WAS LEGALLY EARNED AND SAVED WILL STILL BE YOURS. It has to do with the computer banking system, globally, there is a need for a big 'reset' to purge the cabal from the system.
  • It isn't enough to 'Skype' these meetings. They must be 'live' to generate the energy that is needed for the Event.

The link above contains text and YouTube links to the meditations--look on the right hand column.
It is very important to do this meditation exactly as instructed to achieve the maximum effect. I believe the face-to-face meditations (not electronic) allow for proper energy transfer in a way to permit our Resistance Allies to help us from the Higher Dimensions where they live.


Egypt's recent events are a 'sneak preview' of what is to happen globally worldwide.

The factors leading up to it are in the stages right now that are similar to what happened before communism in Poland fell, before the Berlin Wall fell, and before the Soviet Union fell.  The small events leading up to it are building up. One day it will go 'poof!' and that will be the beginning of the New.

The opportunity for chaos is ever present. This is why the structure of the small support groups beforehand is needed to be built and strengthened.

This is the master website for information regarding The Event. There is also a call for Master Leaders to represent their region at the grass-roots level:

I am on the Planetary Healers Network 'branch' of this main process. We are working on the list for all the sign-ups (please sign up on our website too, so it will automatically be entered--right now, but not in the future, the contact information has to be manually entered into our database.)
Here is the webpage:

(There are some emails that this sign in page just doesn't take. We are sorting this out. So please sign up for BOTH if you are a healer, and just on prepareforchange if you are interested in one of the other five groups.)

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc