Thursday, July 4, 2013

Partnership With Spirit: Planning For Fourth of July

Welcome to my world <3

July Fourth is always a tough time for me. Sometimes there is the added part of celebration that is for my birthday, not just the fireworks and parades.

This year was tough to plan. I had my son this year. 

Yet invitations were not 'happening'.

The best friend who is a restaurant owner had invited me to her home to see her husband's beautiful grand piano several months ago. Their home is a walk to the beach, three stories high, and very elegant I am sure. She has exquisite taste. For months I have looked forward to spending this time with her!

She never invited me a second time, or gave directions. As a white person, in our culture, if you ask somebody three times to do something, and they say 'no' three times, that means they no longer wish to be friends with you. 

I've asked her twice to go to a garden nearby, I knew she and her husband would enjoy it! Both times because of work she had to say 'no'. I really look up to her, because she had the pituitary surgery that is my worst nightmare--I had it too at twenty-five--she had it worse than me! I adore feeling close to her, and I did not want to put the friendship at risk by reminding her in any way that might seem like 'asking' a third time.

I just put it in God's hands, and tell myself 'for life with restaurant people one needs thicker skin than with surgeons in the O.R.!'

Because I was sick recently, I was not welcome at my mom's house. There are two kidney transplant recipients there, mom and niece. Extra precaution, you see?

So all week I was like, 'God? I need an invitation! I need someplace to GO!'

And the invitation came. On Thursday, close enough to be 'last minute and able to say yes'. In white people culture, even if you are dying to go on Saturday night, anyone asking you on Friday or Saturday you have to decline, because it is the culture of Southern California White girls.  Don't ask my how it got to be that way. It just IS.

Tonight I am going to the home of Dr. Joe L. in 'Swanky Beach Community'. I am bringing cupcakes (organic) for the potluck and champagne gift for the hostess. It is very exciting, because Joe L. wants to talk about how 'it's going to come down' after the book gets published. He has concern about negative reaction from both the holistic and conventional groups. I am like, total, 'Surf's up dude! Let's go for it!' with a humungous SMILE. 'I'm in it with you!' So he wants a little of my attitude, so to speak. No problem Joe L!

Anyhow, I might not just be anonymous still after this book gets released. More on that later.

But being where Spirit wants you to be? At the local street fair I told my son 'you are king! Eat what you like!' while I kept a watch on him for overheating. He really isn't built for the heat like I am...but guess what???

I got a crystal, that was a stalactite with quartz around it. For thirty bucks! The energy is WONDERFUL! I also got a selenite want for three dollars (ooooooooh feels NICE energy) and some meteorite 'schrapnel' pieces from Russia (super cool energy--total BUZZ--who needs alcohol when you have selenite AND meteorite??? LOL) I also got a ball of peach-colored selenite crystal, too. (they sell retail at crystal stores for like, triple. I scored a DEAL big time!)

My boy won a soccer ball, scored a free meal for both of us, and a tee shirt with a big American flag on it!

I also took the money I would have spent on the meals, and generously gave it to the elderly beekeeping couple. I got avocado/eucalyptus honey, and wildflower/clover honey, and a tiny bee-wax soap.

Time to go frost the cupcakes!

Remember--when you are working with Spirit, you need to be sort of flexible. You will know you are 'on the right path' when things start happening EFFORTLESSLY.

Try to get in the 'zone' next time you have an event; ask Spirit to assist and you will know they are helping by how much 'resistance' you get--or, how LITTLE!


Reiki Doc

P.S. Tonight when you see the fireworks, I will be there. I always am. It is my heart right there in the sky, ablaze with beautiful Light and Joy that is from Heaven.  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

A final note--what a blessing the night was! Very kind people. Beautiful food! Well, except for the coleslaw what was made with shredded mozzarella cheese that was icky. And in the canyon below? Koki frogs doing their thing! I think I need to find a new home in 'swanky beach community' just to hear the frogs! We had a 180 degree view of the ocean, with good showings of large community fireworks displays up and down the coast. <3