Monday, July 22, 2013

From My Heart To Yours

Dear Twin Flame,

I write this to you, and to all of the Twin Flame people out there who are in a similar situation as we are.

I want them to learn.

I will do my best to keep the particulars of what I see, and what I experience with you, to be as fuzzy and non-specific as I can to maintain privacy for you at this time. Privacy is important.

Twin Flames have the ability to heal each other.

Your love healed my worst suffering I have endured, without touching me once. Through listening and an open heart, I was able to access that trust I have in you, and allowed my heart and spirit to regenerate.

I am better.

For this I have eternal gratitude to God and to Heaven and to Your Heart for easing my sorrow, hurt, and confusion over what has happened to me when I was a girl. It was bad, and really made me suffer for a long time. Your gift you made for me is always near my breast, my soul, and my heart...

You don't like long writing from me. This I know. I will keep it short.

I have a movie in my head of the things that made you suffer in your life.

I see general body language, interactions, with sort of fuzzy people--and I feel your pain.

I feel it the same as you.

I know all of your worst secrets--not exact, but from the pain that you carry around in your vibration. It is connected to me.

I am different. Just as different in this orchid in this photo is so much more different than most orchids that one is able to experience. With their heart...their mind...their body...soul....and spirit.

In hurting you I would only be hurting myself.

That is all I have to say.

When you want to heal, I am here, waiting with open heart to love you.

Until that time, go on with your life. I hope as many of your dreams manifest to your joy and exuberance, to your success and heart-filled gladness!

I love you.

There is no other love like mine on this Earth. Or in the Universe. I laugh when I see the woman you have painted on the door to your office. It frightens me! How very close and very far you are, to my true identity. I smile each time I pass it.


Reiki Doc