Monday, July 1, 2013

Thank You MJ; You Saved My Day

Michael Jackson pops in with me from time to time. Lately, he shows up when I am taking yoga at a restaurant called Au Lac. He just is friendly and nice, and all of his earthly 'habits' are long behind him. Michael has sent messages to me, in the past, and if you are interested in seeing them, just put his name into the 'search box' at the top and on the right.

Today I was down, really down and depressed. I was in the O.R. at the end of this day, and this song came on, 'You Are Not Alone'.

It meant so much to me, since I had felt abandoned by a friend--certainly not their intention--but by the way it worked out. It wasn't the song. It was the energy of Michael that I felt come through the song, and how suddenly it caught my attention and that of the entire team in the room.

See how patient he is with this fan. He opens himself to her, and also holds her back. Michael's generosity of spirit is very apparent in this clip. This is why I chose it.

Note: Michael has also showed up in David Wilcock's dreams, which are very accurate...

Next came this letter in the mail box at work--it is from a patient I actually attuned to Reiki 1 during the anesthetic. (Spirit had guided me to do so).

Dear 'Reiki Doc',

I was so nervous for my lap cholecystectomy on (Date), but as soon as you walked in, your warm personality, sense of humor, and professionalism put me at ease straight away and I can't thank you enough. I hope that all my other organs can stay intact, but if I ever need surgery again, I would definitely want you to be the one to give me the happy stuff!, 

(patient's name)
'The Cheap Date' (my 'nickname' for her)

You see? This is what can be achieved while Energy Healing is 'layered' on top of conventional healing that the patient 'believes in'. It also is because I opened my heart to my patient, and was able to address her deeper, non-surgical, emotional needs regarding the anesthesia and surgery.

Isn't this what healing is all about?

And on my way out the door? I ran into an old obstetric nurse coworker of mine. She had lost weight by going gluten free, and looked wonderful! She was working as a volunteer now, since her disability from Parkinson's made her have to leave work. (Once a patient was so concerned over her tremor to insert the i.v. that the patient offered to 'help').

This nurse got the best Reiki Doc hug I could muster.  Then she surprised me--I have something in my purse for you! I have been carrying it around for a long time!

She rummaged through the purse with shaking fingers, and in the last pocket, pullet out a magnet for my refrigerator that said, 'Jackalope Crossing'.

I was delighted!

She remembered how much I adore tacky post-cards and tourist kitsch when she went to South Dakota and got it from the Wall Drug Store!

That made me feel so cherished and loved!

What a wonderful gift from someone who is on a limited income, who could be depressed, but it coping as best as she can by helping and loving others?

She gave from her heart, just for me, and I cherish that so much!


Reiki Doc