Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Summer Cold: Integrative Healing In Action

The sore throat started on Saturday night.

Sunday I was wiped out. All I could do was sleep. I didn't understand why. I had completely forgotten our anesthesia tech had been out sick last Tuesday and Wednesday, but came in to work last Thursday because there was too much work to be done.

She had looked like death warmed over when I spoke to her briefly on Thursday.

Little did I know that was enough for me to catch 'the crud'. Monday I went to work, but I was dragging. And fortunately Tuesday I had the day off.

Today I am feeling much better.

As a chronic sufferer of allergies and asthma, I am delighted to have avoided seeing the doctor and taking antibiotics--AGAIN.

Here's what made the difference:

  • I listened to my body. My boy is old enough now to let me rest. I made meals, but I did little else but that when I was home.
  • I took advantage of conventional medicine--I took one of my son's leftover antibiotic pills, and a 12 hour Mucinex in the middle of the night on Monday. It seemed to help 'turn the tide'.
  • I made smoothies my 'inner healer' told me to take. For example, Tuesday's lunch had strawberries, ginger, and CAYENNE! And lots of honey.
  • I kept an eye on my asthma symptoms, always knowing when I would 'call it' and seek medical help
  • I asked Spirit for help--literally. And it came! One of my Facebook people felt drawn to post on my page she had used the point of a crystal on her pain and taken her pain away!
  • Spirit sent me a picture of how to do that for me (it resonated)--I put labradorite under my feet, black tourmaline over my navel, celestial quartz over my heart, and a pyramid of tachyonized celestial quartz I had bought from Cobra at my crown chakra. I also 'knew' to lay like that for twenty minutes. We set the timer. I felt energy flow!!
  • I took one dose of Turmeric, powdered pill
  • I focused on getting myself 'really healthy' in my mind/body/spirit/aura
  • I told someone I trust something I had needed to say for a long time. 
  • I also told someone I trust more (Jesus) about how I feel about the someone I trust, asking for His advice and guidance on this situation. I unloaded EVERYTHING.
  • I 'let go' and allowed my body to rid itself of 'whatever' it was that was 'coming out' of my Vibration.
  • I also used something new, personally made for me Flower Essences, not for the cold but for 'who I am energy-wise right now'--here is a link: (contact Alexandra for your own 'blend')
  • Sleep was the most important medicine; I listened to my body. The sink piled up, so did the laundry, and I got none of the paperwork done. But I HEALED.
Did I do Reiki?

No more than my daily Reiki. However, my Reiki was 'different' in that I had some 'help' from my guides who did more of the 'work' on me than me.

Did I ask for Reiki?

Well, yes, from my son who is a Reiki master. And he laughed and said NO and went back to his T.V.

Any affirmations?

Sorry Louise Hay, no, I did not say any affirmations to myself. LOL

Did I cheat on my diet?

A little, yes. I wanted lots of protein on Sunday night (chikn' cutlets and fish sticks) and also lots of chocolate too on Monday. I figured my body 'needed it' because once I had it the craving went right away, and I am not typically someone who 'craves'.

Was I bummed that I got sick when it is perfect weather outside and I had the day off?

Absolutely. But I was also bummed about other things, and I let myself cry it out.

I am sure a lot of you wonder how I think when I get sick. Let me share--I got sick a LOT when I was younger. Many doctors are former kids who spent a lot of time at the doctor's office growing up! All through medical school I had chronic sore throats, even seeking tonsillectomy, but there was nothing left but scars where the tonsils used to be. They had shrunk. It has been a long time for me on antibiotics most of the time, until about four months ago.

What did I NOT do?

The old Italian remedies of siroppu (melted sugar and water for cough), garlic eaten fresh (my kid would have disowned me), vick's on the chest, and a wool sock around the neck (it was too hot weather).

So tap in to your 'inner healer', ask for spiritual guidance, listen to your intuition, and know when to seek medical attention before it gets 'too late'.

Happy Healing!


Reiki Doc