Sunday, July 21, 2013

Reiki and The Flux Capacitor

Are we going 'Back To The Future' with this healing today?

YES! (but unfortunately without Alex and Dr. Brown, from the film, LOL)

Reiki can be sent across distance (which I normally do for you every day) AND Time!

When I woke up, I felt that the etheric planes and astral planes had been cleared of a significant amount of negative energy. I was guided to access the connection we have among those followers and 'likers' of this blog.

Let  us suppose Gaia is made up of a grid that has Light Energy (this is a merkaba pattern superimposed).

Well, on 'top' of that grid is a connection across the globe through us--people who like Doctors With Reiki, who want to see 'balance' in healing with the best of all healing modalities.

With all of my Reiki and Karuna Reiki guides, we formed a great big column of light in the circle where we held hands. It looked like this abalone shell. There was grey Platinum Ray Healing to cleanse any negativity, pink Universal Love healing energy, and aquamarine Light of the Higher Realms.

This was sent not just to you, but to where you live, and to where you work. It was sent to a geographical site as well as to you in your body.

This healing was sent to go Backward and Forward in Time, like a 'ripple' spreading out.  (At Reiki II level we can send Reiki across distance and time).

This will heal issues regarding the family of origin.

This will heal imbalances in the energy that were caused by romantic relationships.

This will heal Nature.

This will heal animals, who have been badly mistreated.

And the children who have been hit, molested, emotionally abused, neglected, and lived in fear for their lives.

The reason I can send all of this to you, is because I am one of you. We have this suffering in common.

Everyone can heal.

The desire to be whole is one of the strongest energies on the planet.

It is a pull that is much like gravity. And gravity is a force that acts across the Universe.

The healing energy between us is always flowing, and looks just like these shells.

It is the Healing of the Golden Age.

And it was brought to you through Reiki.

That was sent by some lady doctor anesthesiologist healer who likes the beach.

Especially one with a nice vortex. (It is at about two o'clock in the picture shown. This is the Laguna Vortex off the coast of California. It is a big one.)

Namaste, I love you, and Blessed Be,

Reiki Doc

(image of little girl --credits--Image credit: <a href=''>daynamore / 123RF Stock Photo</a>)