Saturday, July 20, 2013

Black-And-White Fish

I know the nephew of the man who built SeaWorld in San Diego. The place started as a fine restaurant that served seafood. Then it built up from there. The uncle passed away recently, and there were many present at his funeral, and everyone spoke very highly of him.

On the one hand, SeaWorld has become the elite top training-center in the world on Marine Mammal Rescue and Sea Turtle Rescue. Everything that has been learned from the interactions with the animals in the park can be applied to benefit animals in the wild that would otherwise die. For example, SeaWorld has created a 'baby formula' for orphaned killer whales, and knows how to help them heal.

It was also SeaWorld that came out to rescue 'Lily', the baby gray whale who was entangled in fishing line off the coast of Southern California near Dana Point. All of this rescue work is done for free.

On the other hand, keeping of large marine mammals in tiny tanks is a point where everyone must balance the following three facts:

  • These animals were taken from the wild or born using reproductive assistance
  • They are highly social, and have come to include humans as their 'pod' social structure (it is doubtful they could have meaningful communication with whales in the wild, but need an entire pod to survive)
  • The whales in captivity are a mix of Transient (eats and hunts marine mammals) and Resident (eats only fish) whale genes.

Here is a summary of whale-related incidents at aquarium parks:

Here is a summary of whale incidents world wide, including in the wild:

Here is the official report from Cal OSHA on the whale attack on Ken Peters by Kasatka:

Here is a channelled message from deceased trainer Dawn Brancheau that was channelled by me:

Here is her second message to me from The Other Side. It is after I channelled her at psychic development class as she asked. I am a conscious channel. I heard her voice and felt her spirit talking through my body. This second message is directly to me from her:

I want her family and loved ones to know I felt her energy. It was clear, crisp, vibrant, full of love and passion for her whale family, for her life's work. I was inspired by her enthusiastic energy, by her Light. I felt it.

Here is a website both I and my boy ADORE--orcapod wiki. It is written by people who are as excited about the whales as us. It has all of the stats and recent updates on all living killer whales in captivity. (There also is an add by Dr. Schulze, whose green powder I add to my juice each day--what a sign!):

If I may be so bold, I would like to make a point:

Reiki Doc Says:
Whales are cetaceans. They carry and balance Gaia's Light Energy in the oceans. They have the high vibrational energy of Sirius in them. I should know. I am very much like this myself, and have been told by other psychics that I am Sirian, and even further, Cetacean in my 'soul'.

I feel incredibly drawn to whales, and my having a platinum pass to SeaWorld helps both my son and I 'reconnect' with our Source. The energy is amazing there. If you feel a really strong connection, you may be from Sirius like us.  Here are some related blog posts:
We also make our vacations to go and see whales in the wild. I have seen where Corky II was taken from the waters by Victoria, BC, and seen her pod. The pod is led by 'Granny' one of the oldest killer whales known. She is the matriarch.  I felt terrible loss for her and Corky losing their connection that would have lasted for life. (Corky miscarried many times, and also had babies die shortly after birth. There is a good story about her and Orkid's mom, if you like drama). I have seen Transient Killer whales hunt a common dolphin. They swam right under the boat. We also go whale watching a lot at Dana Wharf, and in Maui. Our dream is to go see bowheads in Iceland and Greenland. I would also like to see humpbacks feed near Alaska. I won't take a cruise because boats hurt and kill many whales, and I wouldn't be happy if any boat 'wastes' went into whale water. We just take little boats from shore for the day. 

I think some of these whale activists think with their brain, not with their higher dimensional heart, and don't 'get it' from an energy perspective. Exposure to whales, and marine mammals is helping people 'wake up' to their spiritual connection to Source, to Gaia, and to each other.

Look at the names of the killer whale shows--Believe (you can do anything--anything is possible), and One Ocean.

These shows are waking up, nudging the Consciousness of five thousand people a show. There is LOVE in that stadium, and it is ALIVE!

Who would have an agenda to stop it? 

The media-controlled Illuminati.

That's what I think.

But then again, I am not like others.

By the way, I am vegetarian every day now. And RAW vegan as often as I can. Dawn helped me with that, too.

I love you Dawn.


May your memory live on in beauty and grace, and may your love for animals outshine the 'Blackfish'.


Reiki Doc

P.S. look what just turned up! 'Angels of the Oceans'. Enjoy this 'hit' of fine Sirius energy!!!