Friday, July 26, 2013

Egypt Wants You Here and Now

We are One.

Egypt is located on an important Energy Gateway that is situated in 'just the right place' on Mother Earth.

The ancients knew this, and worked with it. Isis supports Goddess Energy with Gaia.

Many of the secret sacred mystery schools that were from Atlantis arrived to Egypt after the destruction of the continent, and Atlantis sank in the ocean.

Some of the mystery schools are of the Light. Others are not-so-interested in the good of everyone. They are only for the 'select few'.

The people of Egypt are alive!

They live in the shadow of history.

Although they sell 'history' to survive, they are at the mercy of the 'those that think they are above them'.

There is no magic lamp, no genie to return to them their freedom from the Illuminati that control behind the scenes.

Horus is the child of Isis and Osiris, and has the perfect balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. There is no 'shadow' in this hawk-headed son.

Energetically, the people of Egypt are at a crossroads today:

The energies of today (26 July) through Monday (29 July) are at an optimum 'peak' to allow them to regain their freedom from the Illuminati. Here are the facts on the energies, and what you need to know.

Your energy is needed at this time in order to assist them in their quest for spiritual freedom from the influence of the Illuminati.

Your energy can help set them free.

 Will you send it?

Just do this meditation every day at five o'clock Cairo time:

It will help create a pulse of Light so powerful, that combined with the energies of the alignment of the stars at this unique time in history, we can bring in the Light as never before.

This boy-king was used by those in power. Imagine what those in power are doing right now to the people of Egypt?

The future of humanity in Egypt now lies in your heart. Are you willing to trust the Light? Are you open to sharing your own Light to help our brothers and sisters find their Way out from the control of the Illuminati?

Just ten minutes a day, for the next four days, to meditate on their help them find their sovereign freedom.

The choice is up to you for your ohana in the Middle East. Look in your heart and share your Light for just a little bit to assist. Thank you. Mahalos. And Aloha.


Reiki Doc