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Rebuttal to 'Patient Wakes Up In Horror' During Organ Procurement

If you read the article in NaturalNews 7.11.2013 by Michael Adams, you are in for an educational opportunity on Cabal-style 'disinformation'. The article is riddled with 'partial truths' and carries an air of fear and goes on and on in prolonging this emotion. 

I do anesthesia for procurements. I see it all. I also 'intuitively sense' what is going on behind the scenes as far as financial issues go. Two of my close relatives have kidney transplant. One, my mother, has a cadaveric graft and the other has a kidney from a living related donor. Both are doing well.

I would like to take the opportunity to give you as unbiased as possible 'look' at this article, which KP would describe the entire category of articles like this, as 'fear porn'.

NaturalNews July 11 2013

I’ve warned Natural News readers about this several times over the last decade: Do not become an organ donor! Although you may wish to help others out of the goodness of your (literal) heart, the sinister truth is that doctors routinely harvest organs from living patients right here in the USA.
Reiki Doc Says:
most procurements are from brain-dead individuals. This has been proven by neurologists and sometimes studies to show there is no blood flow to the brain.  The patient arrives to the operating room, and my job is to keep the perfusion going close to normal blood pressure as possible to keep the organs inside 'healthy' for the recipient. I give small doses of anesthesia to the patient, mostly to make me feel better. They are always intubated when they come to me, and unresponsive. I check. I have to live with myself. I KNOW they are 'dead' by how they do not respond. I also KNOW by how their vital signs are more like a dying person than a living one--I work hard to keep blood pressure 'normal'. I keep the ventilation going, and give whatever medications the team wants, sometimes steroids, sometimes other things.
Once the team has the organs ready, they give me the signal, and they cross clamp the aorta. At this time, I turn off the ventilator and leave the room. This is a hard part of the job for me. When I was teaching anesthesia residents, I used the electrical signals from the dying heart for education. To teach them WHEN to really pull out the stops and try to 'get the patient back' when they have non-donor patients that start to do this.
I also have extensive messages from the actual deceased donors myself. Look at the chapters in the book, published for free in this blog, titled 'Messages From My Patients'.
The ones I have worked with, are DEAD.

And here’s yet more proof. This true story will astound you.

Waking up on the organ harvesting table…

A woman named Colleen Burns opened her eyes to find herself on an operating table in a hospital in Syracuse, NY. Looking around, she noticed that she was the subject of the operation. It turns out doctors were about to harvest her organs and send them to other waiting surgeons who would transplant them into other patients.
Reiki Doc says:
This is possible only in the situation of extra muscle relaxant. I know of one patient who was given a dose and the nurse accepting the patient didn't understand exactly what had been given. Due to overwhelming liver disease, this patient didn't 'process' the paralyzing agent in like, days. So they thought the patient was dead, when they weren't. It could happen, but not likely with normal organ function. If Colleen had been on my table, she would have been intubated, and muscle relaxant would have been given the minute she was transferred from the bed to the OR table.

This isn’t fiction. It was covered by ABC News and several other news sources. It really happened.
And how did it happen? Doctors falsely pronounced her dead by fraudulently claiming she had suffered “cardiopulmonary arrest” and “irreversible brain damage.” This gave them the medical justification to start slicing away even while the woman’s heart was still beating.
Reiki Doc says:
All procurements I have done, were with a patient with an initially beating heart. This is standard of care. We do not 'procure' from 'dead people' with no heart beat, simply because the organs are not viable. Again, I am not a transplant surgeon. I am a bread and butter anesthesiologist. This 'beating heart' is no surprise to me, however, it does bother me to turn off my anesthesia machine, stop breathing for the patient, and watch the heart stop. I have seen similar 'discontinuation of supportive care' in the ICU with a terminally brain-damaged patient whose family said to 'pull the tube' and 'let them go'.
This is a big “holy crap I didn’t know that” fact about organ donations: Doctors don’t wait until you’re really dead. At least not by any normal definition of “dead.”
See, you and I think “dead” means your heart isn’t beating, your brain isn’t functioning, and you’re lifeless. But hospitals — which happen to generate huge profits from the trade of transplant organs – have a strong financial incentive to declare you “medically dead” long before you’re actually lifeless.
They can, in fact, declare you “dead” even when your heart is still beating and you still have brain activity. And they often do. This is how a lot of the organ harvesting in America actually gets done: patients that are on the verge of death (but not yet actually dead) are simply “declared” dead, then their organs are quickly removed, killing them for good.
It’s a crime that takes place every day in America, where U.S. hospitals have been caught over and over again engaging in black market organ trafficking.
Reiki Doc says:
Sadly, this can be true. I know of someone who was selling body parts for profit, such as spines from the cadaver lab for use by a orthopedic instrument company's seminars to teach new techniques to surgeons. This person did it under the table, kept the money.
I don't know about HOSPITALS, but when there is money, people will do strange things, and anything is possible.
The most money is made with skin and connective tissue. There are entire industries built on this. I always scratched my head at how the person gave it for free and yet the recipient had to pay. The 'organ bank' system didn't seem 'right', but how is one to tell.
I also know that the companies that 'procure' are kind to surgery residents who 'line the patients up' before procurement. They used to get paid one hundred twenty dollars for it, when on living patients it was free because they were on resident's salary. The people who work in those companies are sort of not so easy to get along with, too. They aren't 'team players' but rather, tend to 'direct the team' when they are in the O.R.
However, for lung transplant, at UCSD, everything is legit. A plane from the university takes surgeons to the procurement--even if it is in Fresno, and those surgeons remove it themselves and take it back to the hospital where the other half of the team is working on the recipient.

A multi-billion-dollar industry

Organ trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Wealthy people around the world are always in need of new kidneys, new livers, new hearts and other body parts.
And guess who makes the money on all these organ transplants? The doctors, hospitals and drug companies, of course. Organ transplants are a hugely profitable industry — largely because they get the organs for free. Patients who are killed by these doctors are never paid for their organs. The fact that they “donate” them actually means they are donating their immensely valuable organs to a for-profit system that’s going to earn potentially millions of dollars off the organs of a single donor.
So while the donor patient gets murdered for his or her organs, the doctors engaged in organ removal and organ transplants get wealthy. Transplant recipients and health insurance companies pay huge dollars for organ transplant surgeries, and the profits are ongoing because transplant recipients must also pay for a long course of organ transplant anti-rejection drugs, all priced at monopoly prices (of course).
Truth be told, the organ transplant industry is all about money — at any cost. It’s about killing patients who might otherwise survive in order to take their organs and make millions of dollars transplanting them into other patients… patients who typically only have a few months to live even after the transplant.
Reiki Doc says:
A close friend of mine in medical school did a study on poor people in India who sold their kidneys, as this is acceptable practice there. It did not take them out of their poverty, and soon, they were back on the streets again.
I have heard a young Chinese male sold his kidney to purchase an iPad.

Transplanted organs are often damaged or infested with disease

Here’s another dirty little trick the organ transplant industry will never tell you: The organs that are transplanted into other patients are often fatally damaged and full of infectious diseases.
As yet more proof of this, take the case of Colleen Burns, mentioned above. She tried to commit suicide by taking a toxic combination of prescription medications. According to the doctors, this toxic cocktail of chemicals was fatal, and it killed her (they pronounced her dead).
Yet, simultaneously, they still insisted her organs were healthy enough to transplant into another patient! That’s why they almost began harvesting them.
In other words, even organs that doctors know are heavily damaged with toxic chemical cocktails will still be transplanted into other patients! (This is 100% true.)
But it’s even worse than that…

Transplant organs often riddled with disease: hepatitis, stealth viruses, mad cow disease and more

There are effectively zero quality standards in the organ transplant industry. If the organ still functions at any level, it’s “good enough” to be slapped into a transplant patient even though that organ might actually kill them.
One of the reasons organ transplant patients often die so quickly after receiving transplants is because the organs they often receive are ticking time bombs of disease.
Introducing a diseased heart or kidney into someone’s body, for example, can suddenly infest that person with hundreds or even thousands of viruses and blood-borne illnesses that quickly overcome their weakened immune systems. This is made even worse by the anti-rejection drugs which, by definition, cause extreme suppression of immune function.
So at the exact time that new diseases are being introduced into the transplant recipient’s body, their immune system is being undermined by anti-rejection drugs. Not surprisingly, this is a recipe for disaster, and that’s one reason why so many patients die so quickly after receiving “donor” organs.

Iraq war veteran killed by cancer-ridden transplant lungs

As an example of what I just described above, in 2009, an Iraq war veteran named Matthew Millington was given a lung transplant using lungs that were riddled with a fast-growing cancer.
Not surprisingly, he died less than 10 months later. Did all the organ transplant doctors and surgeons give him a refund for their botched procedure? Of course not! Organ transplants do not come with warranties, and you’re often given a diseased, damaged or heavily infested organ that’s going to kill you. (But you still gotta pay up!)
There are roughly 100,000 people waiting for organ transplants in the USA right now. But there are only a fraction of that number of organs available in any given year, so doctors are under intense pressure to 1) harvest organs from people who aren’t yet dead, and 2) use ANY organs they can find, even organs that are riddled with disease.
Again, these are the dirty little secrets of the organ transplant industry that you’ll never be told by any doctor. Expect to hear nothing but denials if you ask organ transplant doctors about any of this.
Reiki Doc says:
There is something called 'graft versus host' disease. It is like rejection, but the other way around. It is possible that these other diseases are in the organs--I am not sure if tests exist to protect the recipient. As far as the timing goes, the organs are not biopsied before procurement. Blood tests are done per a protocol. Once the organ is 'out' (actually, the aorta is cross clamped), it is ischemic and technically 'dying'. Preservation solutions for the transport of these organs is a big technological advance. I know a lung can only survive five hours outside the body. So as a result, the recipients are notified (and often they are under anesthesia and waiting) in advance. It would be hard to tell them the new organ wasn't 'right' under the current way of doing things. Is this room for improvement? Possibly, yes. Only a leading transplant institution could let us know for sure.

More healthy organ donors “need to suddenly die”

The other challenge the transplant industry faces is that healthy people who take care of their organs through nutrition and exercise simply don’t tend to die very often. The kind of people most likely to die (and therefore most like to donate organs) are alcoholics, drug addicts and people who are obese and diseased. Therefore, those are the kind of organs that end up being available for transplant: nasty “fatty” livers and cancerous lungs, for example.
Ideally, the organ transplant industry would like to see a lot of young, healthy people getting decapitated in military training exercises or automobile accidents. That would supply a fresh supply of healthy organs that might actually be worth transplanting. In China, of course, this is why Falun Gong members are routinely arrested and imprisoned: they eat super-healthy diets and so have high-grade organs that can be profitably harvested from political prisoners there.
The practice of arresting people, imprisoning them and sometimes even murdering them for their organs is a lot more widespread than you think. How do you suppose Steve Jobs got a new liver so quickly, even while thousands of other people were waiting for one? He bought it. Gee, do you really think Steve Jobs stood in line like everyone else and then magically a liver appeared for him much faster than for anyone else?
Reiki Doc says:
We call them 'donor cycles' for a reason (motorcycle accidents are a leading source of organs for transplantation).

Presumed consent

There is a push under way around the world to harvest organs from everyone who doesn’t explicitly say no. These laws are called “presumed consent” laws, and they exist only to provide a fresh supply of human organs to generate billions of dollars in profits for the sick, criminal-minded organ transplant industry.
As a 2011 article in the British Medical Journal explains, these “presumed consent” laws mean doctors can start harvesting the organs of your wife, your children or other loved ones without even asking family members for permission!
As the BMJ article explains:
Presumed consent is alternatively known as an ‘opt-out’ system and means that unless the deceased has expressed a wish in life not to be an organ donor then consent will be assumed. This can be divided into what is known as a ‘hard opt-out’ where the family are not consulted.
There’s even a website about this — — which uses a lot of flowery language and feel-good imagery to hide the fact that it’s pushing for doctors to pronounce more patients “dead” and take their organs so that the organ transplant industry can make a few billion more dollars each year.
Reiki Doc says:
This I didn't know. It doesn't surprise me. Not one bit.
What we’re talking about here is coercive organ harvesting in order to feed the organ trafficking and transplant industries.
Think about that the next time some clueless paper-pusher asks you at the DMV, “Do you want to be an organ donor?”
Just answer: “No thanks. I prefer that doctors actually try to keep me alive.”
Don’t give doctors any incentive to kill you. They already kill enough patients even when they aren’t trying.
Trust me on this: say no to organ donation. If you really want to help people, teach them to protect the organs God already gave them through superfoods, nutrition, exercise and healthy living.
Reiki Doc says:
I am not a donor. I have wrestled with this, and the guilt I feel over my mother benefiting from a donated kidney. 
How I feel, personally, is that the organs have my vibration in them, and that I have worked hard on it, and I would like all of my vibration to stay together, rather than risk going into someone else and 'mixing up the karma'. This is illogical, Just as illogical as my thinking it would 'hurt' to have procurement done. I justify this by saying, 'I have seen enough and I don't want to see it happen to me.'
The deceased organ donors I have interacted with on the Spirit plane, never complain. They actually are happy that their body is being put to good use. Many times people made poor life choices find 'redemption' in one way or another from having their body 'live on'. One even liked how I taught the residents about asystole, and thanked me for teaching him too!

There you have it. The facts, for what it's worth.
Don't buy into fear. It only feeds the ankle-biters. Let them starve.
Reiki Doc

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