Sunday, July 28, 2013

Does HAARP 'Agree With' Your Free Will?

Does the Illuminati use of advanced spiritual technology 'agree' with your Free Will?

What is HAARP?

HAARP is a Negative Spiritual Technology that is used to control the weather. It works in the etheric plane. It creates a powerful disturbance in the ether, which is a layer that is above the physical plane and vibrates at a higher rate than the physical plane.

For example, and this is just that, HAARP which is located in the Midwest can be used to create energy swirling patterns in the ether that create tornados in the physical plane. Look at the pattern of tornados in the Midwest. Has not Joplin had more than would be expected by chance? Might there be a pattern?

What about the free will of all of the people whose lives were affected by the tornados?

Was it protected? Did they agree to suffer in the storm?

Or did somebody hijack their free will by imposing their own over the area by using HAARP?

Here is an example in Florida of some strange technology being used and people's reaction to it:

Here is the Wiki article on HAARP:

If you google it there are pictures available on the internet.

Is HAARP the only negative spiritual technology that exists?

Might there be more?:

  • High fructose corn syrup
  • GMO
  • Chemtrails
  • Submliminal messages hidden in advertising, movies, and T.V. programming
  • High tech defense systems such as described in the book about the Black Ops programs, 'Area 51' by Annie Jacobs

What can we do to counteract these negative spiritual technologies? How can we enlist the assistance of the Spiritual Forces for the Light? For 'The Resistance' movement?

Here are some options available to us using our own Free Will:
  • Don't buy high fructose corn syrup products
  • Demand labeling for GMO, and petition for Monsanto to stop
  • Point at the chemtrails and say, 'Change it'--it may sound ineffective but a very advanced Spiritual Teacher who taught me channelled this information. I have tried it, and it works in about ten minutes.
  • Spend time in Nature where there is NO programming
  • Educate yourself about the Illuminati, New World Order, and Archons.
The more you meditate and Love and 'connect' to your fellow man, spiritually, the better off things are going to be. Keep 'editing' your thoughts to 'weed out' fear-based thinking. Fear empowers the dark forces that support the Illuminati.

Love takes this power of the people back.

This is why we meditate together to help free the people of Egypt. In doing so, just like pointing and saying, 'Change It', the non-physical freedom fighters for the Light (angels, guides, deceased loved ones, Ascended Masters, seraphim...) are allowed to step in and assist on our behalf.

When I do Reiki on my patient, I merely 'tip the balance' in their favor for healing. 

I counteract all the chemicals and poisons and fear that has been given to my patient unawares in their lifetime by the Illuminati.

When I do Reiki and Energy Healing in a crowd, for example, the Green Ray at the Circus, I don't 'fix' anything. It is like anti-radar technology for the home team--it simply counteracts the negative just enough to allow the people to have a chance to think for themselves; to have freedom to choose what they want for themselves and their family. I plant the seed of healing into the place and time, for all, for free.

If you wish to join in this effort, the first order of business is Egypt--for today and tomorrow especially, but then daily after that until the situation is resolved. Furthermore, joining in at noon Pacific Daylight Time on Sundays in small groups will also help to anchor these 'Light energies' into the planet and amongst ourselves until the negative spiritual technologies can be taken down by the Freedom Fighters in the skies.

The choice is yours.

Each one of the three choices will work to achieve the same effect: harnessing the strongest forces for energy healing that are available using the very highest Spiritual Technology that exists.

Aloha and Mahalo and Namaste,
Reiki Doc

P.S. Truth is stranger than fiction! You heard it here first. ; )