Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cletus The Rubber Chicken LOL

Today in the staff lounge, I saw on top of a display, lying flat, a rubber chicken.

I like rubber chickens. Part of me wondered WHY I would see it--was there some spiritual lesson? Was it just to make me smile? Or perhaps realize how cool my colleagues were to have one in the break room???

I was in a hurry to leave work. I had made a new vegan friend, and was invited to have lunch with her and a mutual friend.

I looked forward to us getting to know one another at our favorite restaurant. I watched the clock, and even though I could have finished a case and earned a lot, I left when another anesthesiologist offered to relieve me because it was important for me to spend time with a non-doctor friend.

I made it just in time.

Guess what?

Cletus was there too!

the 'vibe' was not one of 'getting-to-know you'

Instead of feeling 'special', I felt like 'just another rubber chicken meal' customer

I was asked to attend a function on Saturday instead of yoga and pay them money to go.

A really nice lady 'get your gun' RAW vegan chef tried to sell me this. (think about it--RAW chef selling stainless steel COOKWARE--get it?)

I spent three hours of my free time I could have spent catching up on paperwork and stand-up paddle boarding feeling very much like this. I did not even enjoy my meal, because nice people had 'agendas' for my pocketbook and asked 'to make time to meet' to discuss SOMETHING ELSE after this 'unannounced business lunch'.

That's when I spoke up. In the hospital, no one 'sells' to doctors. It is understood that physicians are uber busy, and unless it has something to make life better for them or their patients, we are allowed to do our own thing. Even the reps and docs have an agreement, we know 'what the deal' is but we work on mutual respect and friendship 'around it'. Many reps, especially ortho reps, are truly helpful to our work in the O.R.

I said I do not do anything that has a 'sales' vibe to it, because I just don't; I will check your website and see if it interests me. Don't call us, we'll call you.

Their face was shocked I could be so blunt like that.

I'm sorry. 

I had to go for a walk and cool off my anger with a mutual friend who was supportive and neutral! I was majorly upset! (funny enough, when I had calmed down, I looked down and saw a penny, heads up. This is like a 'yes' sign for me from Heaven. Whatever I did, was good for my spiritual growth. Event this!)

Steve Jobs said it would be rough, and this is just the beginning. Three D people (I can feel it--live in their heads, say 'they work for the Light' but you feel drained-drained-drained) are nothing like Higher  D people (live a spiritual life that is heart-centered).

If you are reading this you are likely Higher Dimension, and I would probably like to hang out and joke around with you.

If you are SELLING me something, I am going to R-U-N in the opposite direction as fast as possible.




The stock market, credit cards, insurance, fiat banking, gambling are ALL going away. So is income tax and everything but sales tax. All of your money, in any of these places, is YOURS if it was earned fairly. All criminally-gained money is going away. Permanently. After the EVENT.

They are going to be replaced by precious-metal backed currency, very transparent and FAIR banking, prosperity funds, and humanitarian projects. 

We are also going to get shorter working days--three to four hours, that's it, with lots more free time.

And did I say that travel time between New York and Iran is going to be about ten minutes?

Yes. TEN MINUTES using new technologies..

It is going to be great!

Until that time, I have a date with some Higher Dimensional Light Beings:

Thank you very much.


Reiki Doc

P.S. Someone asked me today as an 'ice breaker', 'What was the highlight of your day at work?'
I thought about it a good long time, and said, 'Nothing'.

I was mistaken. Cletus in the breakroom was the best part!!! LOL ; )