Monday, July 1, 2013

A Princess Named 'Dharma'

Saturday I was in line for the Splash Mountain ride at a major theme park. In front of us was a family from Tijuana, one of the poorest places I have ever seen. There was a mother and a father, a daughter who was having a birthday (9), a son who was the same age as mine and a little 'gordito', and a young girl (7), a cousin, who was dressed in a pink princess outfit. It was her birthday too, and the button said, 'Dharma'.

I listened. That really was her name!

Let's look it up:

My, wasn't that confusing?

Um...I don't get it.

I'll ask Buddha:

Dharma is a way of giving Life to what you lack, by giving back to yourself 'what is missing' by virtue of Right Action. There is no Right Action that the heart cannot replace; an open and Right heart will far surpass all the justice of Right Action, for it is the timing of the application of the Law of Right that can only be accomplished through an Open Heart.

That is it. 

(he tousles my hair and says, 'I have to go back to what I was doing earlier before you asked. I am happy to answer the questions like this at any time.)

Thank you!

Anyhow, this 'Little Princess' was a cousin to the other two. She chose not to go on the ride, and at the exit point her mother came along with a brother in a stroller, and took her back.

Everyone in this family was full of joy!

They were smiling, laughing and clearly enjoying each other.

They looked healthy, well-rested, and well-nourished. The clothes were clean and colorful.

They apologized for 'not speaking English' when in actuality they spoke it very well. (I speak Spanish fluently, so we mostly communicated through that).

I have not seen energy like this in anyone from 'El Norte' in a long time. Even at psychic development conferences. Even at Cobra conference.

There people were connected to the land and to each other.

They weren't spending the night at a hotel. We asked. The drive home is only two hours away.

Dharma...what a wonderful pan-global name!


Reiki Doc