Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Orange County Fair: Reiki Doc's Adventure : )

I forgot my wallet at home.

I had one hundred twenty four dollars in a plastic bag I had brought to protect my phone. I had also taken a challenge to spend my day 'In Love Vibration'.

Today was a total exercise in 'Love':

  • Although my boy was against it, I did not leave early to arrive when the gates opened at ten in the morning. I practiced self love and took care of the dishes and the laundry that had been piling up. With first call on Sunday last week, my 'fun day' on Monday, several late shifts and an overnight last week, the house was not in good shape. (I do not have a cleaning service because of the energy they may bring into the house.)
  • It serves me right to forget my wallet--I made the mistake of showing a thirty-dollar crystal to Chef yesterday. It was amazingly beautiful, and a deal as far as nice crystals go: a stalactite encased in clear quartz crystals. I have been in a lot of caves, and adore cave energy. It was a brilliant find! But instead of the miracle, all Chef noticed was the price and he commented on it. I let him know I do okay and don't have to worry about things like that (when it comes to my Spiritual work--I am provided for my needs when it comes to this). Well guess what? Today was my lesson on 'how to be like everybody else'!
  • I grew up incredibly poor, in North Long Beach. Poor 'survival skills' are something I perfected in college, and by medical school living on a dime was status quo. My dream was to have a car that was in the same decade that it currently IS, you know? And a cup holder, because my car was always too old for that! 
  • Today I got to introduce some of those skills to my boy, who like most children his age, especially growing up with two households, is entirely clueless about money.
  • We budgeted for the first time, ever. It was so easy to show him the money, literally, without having to say 'no' like I usually do with the credit cards.
  • I adored not having anybody track any of my transactions electronically.
  • I felt a surge of peace while walking home from the parking lot--there is no credit card bill to pay for!
  • When we spent the last twenty we had saved on gas, I saw at the pump that the person before had done the same exact thing!

There also was an element of Love when it came to my energy work:
  • When I entered the fair I was saddened--the elephants were gone. Last year I stopped going to the fair in protest over the Bob Barker enforced removal of the elephant ride. I had ridden them every year since my boy was born. I knew each one by sight and by name, with Kitty being my favorite and Becky my next favorite. We could easily spend the money we saved all year just for elephants in one day--like, fifty dollars! I would talk to them and pet them while I rode on their backs. Right now, I look up on a shelf to my right and see a picture of both of us on Dixie. It was the best 'hit' of elephant energy this side of Thailand or India, and now it was gone forever...I always looked at our rides as 'giving back' and 'supporting the elephants'. It might have been wrong, I suppose, but my love for the herd was heartfelt.
  • I also was guided to open a vortex in addition to the energy work I had planned to do with the Platinum Ray and Reiki to the crowd (I am an expert in 'mass Reiki').
  • It was a tricky one. I couldn't get a white one, or even with help from Kamehameha, a golden one or a blue and gold double spiral. Something was there, and locked tight! My guides said to use my heart to open the energy flow. I was STUCK. I finally said, 'I WISH there was a way for me to do this!' in frustration--and poof! A bright PINK one of Unconditional Love opened up. I was asked to add the new colors of 5D, aquamarine, mint green, peach, and lavender, all tinged with gold. Now the energy streaming into the OC Fair is new, powerful, 5D energy for the masses. 

It also was an important day, my first time as a RAW vegan, in the environment with the animals.

I gave Reiki to a pig that is going to have piglets on display. (I think they are butchered and donated to the poor after they are old--I don't think they die a natural death after menopause)

This is Autumn, a year-old dairy cow. I gave her Reiki too, and comforted her until her dinner arrived (she was loud and hungry!)

This is the first-prize year-old steer (beef cattle) who had just bolted. My son said he looked him in the eye and told him 'what the deal is' and the steer tried to run away. My boy discovered the fate of these animals for the first time today--auction and slaughter for meat.

This second-prize steer, a red steer, is enjoying a scratch from its owner. Its trust in her, and her plans to sell it, bothered me a lot. These animals have no idea they are food.

I found this year's theme 'come and get it--from Farm to Fork' shocking and offensive.

This was our dinner--turkey for him, and overcooked $5 an ear corn for me.

I let my boy buy the chocolate covered bacon. He was excited. I took one bite and found it atrocious!

There is a pattern to spiritual development, rising Vibration, and lack of desire for meat:
  • allow yourself to 'cheat' on your RAW vegan or vegetarian or even 'normal' diet.
  • observe how much you ENJOY your food.
  • there is a gradual change in taste, and after a while, you notice that you just don't enjoy it like before. For me, chicken tastes like cardboard, even when I cook it the same way I always do (my son eats meat). Steak makes me sick to my stomach. And even the piece of fish in the Rubio's fish taco I had last night wasn't enjoyable.
  • It is OKAY to seek comfort foods. You will discover that your 'comfort' is changing. Right now, my favorite comfort on the planet is 'Humanese Living Soup'. (It used to be Pho with beef in it)
I can't wait to see what that 5D Vortex is going to do!!! It is near one of the stages, the Plaza Arts Stage. Let me know if you experience it if you are is very High Energy.

Here is the last tip--Food for Vegetarians and Vegans recommended by moi:
  • Lemonade
  • Mariscos --bean burritos, fresh fruit 'spears'
  • Pineapple express
  • Fruit Caboose
  • Shave Ice
  • Grilled Corn and Vegetables (kind of overcooked though)
  • Terrie's Berries (My all time FAVORITE--chocolate dipped strawberries, fresh berry plates, and MORE)
  • There is a really nice nut and dried fruit stand between Marisco's and kind of by Terrie's Berries--they give free sample, and you can get five bags for twenty dollars, one bag for four ninety-five.
Happy Fair Visit!!!


Reiki Doc