Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why I See and Why I Share

She is dancing the lead in Don Quixote, or 'Don Q' as dancers call it

Why is this woman with her hair in a bun? Why does she wear a funny short dress that shows off her legs? And how is she able to put all of her weight on the tip of one shoe and extend the other way out in front of her--and not fall?

The answer is simple. She is a ballet dancer who is doing what ballet dancers do.

On second look, she is a ballet dancer because she had interest, a desire to do well, and a body type that  made her able to fulfill this 'dream to be a ballerina' possible.

Do you 'get' it? Do you see how all of the choices that she made to dance resulted in her being able to this which many, many more people can't do?

You have seen the actors in the movies who 'pretend' to be ballerinas. They put their arms up over their head, stand on their toes, and spin awkwardly to get laughs?

We don't think anything about it why she 'can' and he 'can't', right?

Well, let me let you in on a secret: all Reiki practitioners have at least one 'Guide' on Spirit Side!

And the more Reiki you learn, the more levels you 'go up and train', the more the 'partnership with Spirit' becomes a part of doing Reiki. Especially at the Karuna Reiki Level. There is a commitment on the part of the practitioner to working for the Light and Healing Others which is matched by those on Spirit Side who help connect and make the Reiki flow when it is requested.

The Reiki practitioner who is giving Reiki becomes like a 'straw' where the 'Universal Healing Light Energy' (which to me is a form of Love energy that is very high Vibration) flows in through the head, down through the body, and out the hands. In some cases it also 'flows' out the third eye, the eyes, or the heart center too.

So with Reiki, the student becomes more 'open' to the flow of the 'Higher Energies'. Their body adjusts to handle it, the same way a dance student becomes flexible and strong and gets a beautiful 'line' when they go in arabesque or planchee position.

And when you take someone who has seen ghosts since they were little, ever since they could remember, and is intuitive to begin with, and then add Reiki training?

You get someone like me.

There are many more people out there who are doing what I do: working with Spirit guides for the highest good for others.

In Native traditions, the medicine man or shaman or kahuna lapa lau'lau  had this role. Their dreams were the source of important medicine. They talked to plants to know which one was 'good for the remedy'. They lived in complete and total balance with Spirit, Gaia, and Man. The animals are their brothers and sisters; their role was to maintain this harmony between themselves and their people too.

So why do I see all the many things I blog about? I am a medium and psychic, who has had training in both psychic development and Reiki.  There was an interest, a desire to do well, and an ability that was present and could be developed.

Why do I share?

Because everyone has this ability; it is a birth right as a human soul that walks upon the Earth.

You might not have an interest or a desire to do well. But just like the hair will stand up on your neck in warning, or you 'feel someone is watching you', or perhaps you have a dream or 'deja vu'...that connection to Spirit is THERE. You just don't 'think about it'.

Why do I write? So that my story will help train you to 'dance' with your psychic ability. So that you will educate others about this so they will not 'think this is from Satan' because it isn't. It is our instinct for survival as human beings.

When we rely on logic what happens to our power of intuition? It atrophies, just like a muscle that is not in use.

The mystery schools on earth used to teach both the power of logic AND intuition. After the cabal learned the dark mysteries, all of the mystery schools were dismantled, except for the very few that were able to remain hidden. The massacre killed thousand and thousands of innocent people. It happened eight thousand years ago in Ireland.

Then the current method of 'education' was created 'for the masses'. It focuses solely on logical power of deduction and the scientific technique. In the meantime, 'under the radar', psychic and spiritual technologies were investigated and produced 'behind the scenes' by the Illuminati-controlled black ops programs. These 'tools' are being used on the population today. They are much more 'dark' than HAARP technology. Way more 'dark'.

Here we are today--there is a great deal of Light being directed at the planet. It is designed, like any other form of Energy Healing (reiki being just one of them), to help increase the vibration of the surface population. A higher vibration means a healthier aura and a happier life where one has a sense of control and confidence.  It also counteracts the effects of the Negative Spiritual Technology and tools of the Dark on the people. This Light is going to everyone. And as humans, we ARE connected! (you can see how a big event like Nik Wallenda crossing the wire over the Grand Canyon gets everyone united and praying at the same time, and we feel the excitement together).

So I see and I share to help each of you become a 'Fountain of Light' to increase the effect on those around you. The aura to aura 'connection' is helping others 'wake up' to the Light which is their birth right. All of this happens without your having to say a word. But if you do, choose well, because Higher Vibration is often uncomfortable and doesn't make sense to those who are in the early stages of 'waking up'.

It is my sincere hope that you will grow to be as confident in your abilities and make full use of them in your life too.

This is the difference between humanity (still under influence of Cabal, and not 'knowing') and Hue-manity (people who have Higher Vibration at this time). Right now, physically and spiritually, most individuals are Hue-manity. It is like having it 'wired in' and now you are reading the 'instruction manual'.

You wouldn't have the interest or desire to read this page if this was not the truth. Furthermore, as an anesthesiologist, I can assure you: once you turn off the anesthesia that is keeping the patient asleep, at some point the patient will wake up. This is called 'emergence' from an anesthetic.

Happy awakening!

Aloha and mahalo,


Reiki Doc