Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Brief Essay On Consciousness

What is the difference between these two photos at Lake Usui?
Can you see the difference?

Could you explain for me in scientific terminology how come one looks so much different from the other?

I can and I will: the vibration of all molecules in the winter scene are at a slower vibration. In particular, the water molecules are vibrating so slowly they have formed solid crystals (ice) which are less dense than the liquid form.

Consciousness is like this; its Vibration can only be felt with the heart, and not the mind or the other five senses.

No matter how much we love and want to teach someone about summer, if they are 'on ice' vibration, that is what is 'normal' to them.

If they are rushed into 'summer' temperature--vibrationally speaking--they are going to be very uncomfortable and also threatened by everything they have ever known around them suddenly being transformed.

Imagine you are a meat-eater and vegans are trying to explain to you why you shouldn't eat meat or animal products. Is it going to make any sense to you? Not in your heart. There is a vibrational difference in the levels of consciousness between you. For the vegans, it is far better to love and support the meat-eater, as your brother and sister and friend, and allow the consciousness to rise naturally as a result of this loving-kindness. In time, once the Vibration increases to a certain level, most people gradually lose their taste for meat. Everyone is LOVED by God and Spirit. Why not you join in this Love energy too? I know it is not easy, and almost horrifying to accept it, but it is what it is in this society. It will not be like this for very much longer. Everything will work out for the best.

Over the last two years I have worked increasingly hard at raising my vibration. It has been my passion, for I feel 'better' when the vibration is 'up'. For me it is like riding a bicycle--when I pedal faster, the bike does not wobble and I enjoy a smoother ride. I also can do thing in Spirit that most people can't. But guess what? Nobody wants to listen when I try to explain the things I can do. What I see. What I can hear. What I FEEL...only the ones who are at the same level that I am--mind you there are even more Higher than me!--and who really like me are willing to talk. But even then, we don't share 'much'. I speak much more with my guides than with others in human form about my spiritual progess.

Would you like to know more about how to increase your vibration? Or about this subject in general?
Here is some information for you, along with links:

It is a big subject.

If you are reading this, you are probably not of the lower vibrations and lower dimensions. This would be painfully unpleasant to be near the energy that flows through the words of this page.

Who is going 'up'?

  • children and their parents
  • people with an open heart, loving people (religion is not correlated in any way)
  • souls who are ground crew and Light workers (we aren't from here any way)
In ancient native american lore, one kachina shone like the sun and killed others with his 'presence'. They just 'burnt up'. According to predictions, the 3D people will 'vanish into thin air like puffs of smoke'.

I don't believe this. Not one hundred percent.

I do know that with the pictures above, some won't take well to it being 'summer'. And out of mercy and respect for those individuals, they are given options. You might not know it, but a lot of people are transitioning now to the Other Side. They took that 'ticket' and want to come back 'after the changes'. So people dying, by their own Higher Soul's free choice, are one way not to meet the 'summer' increased vibrations. The other options are all over the internet, mostly to the effect that they will be taken to another planet without realizing it is any different from here, and allowed to continue on their Life Paths.

That is all for today.

Do not worry! It is for the best, and Highest Good.


Reiki Doc