Monday, July 29, 2013

427322: A Message In Spirit From Me To YOU : )

Dear One,

You know who you are. This is how I speak with you.

The Lion's Gate and the Star of David formations in the sky are good for me. Can you believe today is the first day I did not wear any of the aromatherapy oils?  It has only been for two hours, but the healing 'sticks', and is part of my vibration.

I don't need the 'patch' to my energy today. This is a first!

All of the wonderful healing that I have had which has come through you makes me feel like this:


It is with joy that I explain why I said to you that I was not interested in a romantic relationship:

Reiki Doc + Romantical anything = ( three-D bridezilla ego ) squared

In saying this I destroyed the 3D programming in my brain. It hurt. I longed for what could have been so much, and you, that I ate ice cream, the real thing not vegan, straight out of the carton.

I hadn't done that since fellowship over ten years ago.

I want to love you with all my energy that is from The Higher Realms. It is different there, and better, if you ask me.  Here we have 'boy meets girl, boy and girl attract, boy asks girl on date, potential couple size each other up, comparing 'laundry lists' of wants/needs, and at some point take it to the next level'.

I was not made for that. It isn't me at all.

In the Higher Dimensions we delight in mutual affection, warmth, and growth! We do not play 'hard to get' because what is, simply, is...and it is a gift from God for mutual enjoyment and pleasure. There are no expectations than to learn and grow.

I am strong enough now in my vibration to tease you just a little bit...I might even wise crack when I see you next. My humor is a sign of my totally feeling safe. It does not come out until I am relaxed and at ease. At home we crack each other up all the time, my boy and me. You've seen us like that too.

Spirit said I was wrong about the Twin Flames bit. My closest match on earth and in Heaven is my son.   You, on the other hand, are a Soul Mate who is very good for both of us. If this is too intense for you, no worries! In one lifetime or another, what is meant to be will happen. Right now, I have my healing, and as it is said in Hebrew, 'Dayenu'--it would have been enough to have this blessing just as it is from God. You do what works best for you. I insist! No questions asked! No worries. It's all good. Totally!

Just know that I thank God for having met you. And if you ever are depressed, just flip back through this blog in 2013. You are everywhere in it, my muse, my friend, and my joy. You are a wonderful example, and I will copy you when I get to interact with others more and more in my work with Spirit here as Reiki Doc. You make everyone feel valued and loved. Every day.

Here is my playlist Spirit played today for me to share with you; I heard every song this morning, in this order, and it 'felt' like Spirit was 'nudging' a message. Enjoy:

<3 : ))) <3 : ))) <3 : ))) <3 : ))) <3 : )))

Friendship that's on fire : D



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