Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guidelines On Care Of The New Age Patient

The Light Warrior has special Health Care needs

Recently I had the chance to take care of a delightful New Age patient. 

This patient was sick, and unfortunately this was not their first time in the hospital. It had been a year of one horrible surprise and experience after another. I knew from the surgeon that this condition we were examining further today was not anticipated. I was not warned beforehand by this caregiver of any of the special beliefs that were held by this One.

I came to the bedside with the Intent to support and encourage and align this individual to 'continue' the course as focused and positive as humanly possible when facing this serious condition.

I actually did Reiki on myself before I met the patient in order to achieve this aim.

What I met surprised me: this patient was an Indigo in distress, metaphysically.

This Indigo hated the system that was keeping them alive.

This Indigo had special needs that the hated Conventional Medical Care system was not meeting in any way, shape or form for them.

This Indigo had conflict with their feelings that was hindering care and making their own situation more difficult without realizing it.

The medical 'street smarts' and 'comprehension' was altered by belief in support of alternative treatments. Sometimes I meet patients who understand both systems and 'take the best'. This one had no concept of what was happening to their own body because fear was clouding their ability to understand on my end, physiologically, what was going on.

There was a need of this patient for comfort and support that was very time-consuming on my part. It took the work of five patients, energetically-speaking, to support them in their fear-filled time in my care.

This was not the first time I have seen a patient like this--anxious, facing medical challenge, and highly New Age. Key words are organic, sensitive, strong medicines, clearing, Life Purpose, Dis-Ease, Imbalance.


This is how I see my Indigo patients. I have taken care of several. You can too.

They are 'stuck between two worlds and don't like it', basically. And they fight. Boy, do they ever, ever fight you. For that is what Indigos DO.

Here are some guidelines to help heal these precious people who are in need of healing most when they come to your hospital:

  • Always open your Heart Center and engage it in your interpersonal interactions with an Indigo. They will KNOW intuitively when you are just 'putting it on'. They demand your presence.
  • They do not understand and will not accept that when they are asleep under anesthesia, their human body reacts the same as everybody else. Do not tell them.
  • The illness is seen as 'having some reason' for their Spiritual Growth. It may range from a slight 'feeling' to a deep-rooted issue that forces you to recall everything you learned in your Psych clerkship and use it to help get this troubled soul through their own experience.
  • You will have an energy drain on you that you have not had in ages! Even when shielding and protecting and doing self-work, this person will suck every last drop of your energy with the fear that encompasses them.
  • Self-care is important when dealing with Indigos. Afterwards, I took a bath with sea salt in it to clear my aura.
  • When the anxiety is severe, know there is a past life issue that is going on. Do your best to stabilize it  (for example, one such indigo had died in childbirth in a past life, and needed a c-section in this one to save both her and her babies' life. They refused it at first, putting themselves at risk until they changed their mind.)
  • Once trust is established, these Indigos are incredibly thankful. They 'get it' that you are 'there for them'.
  • There is a lot of honesty behind the fear, a wish to help others with the knowledge they have gained through illness, a sincere desire to become a Healer themselves.
  • Teamwork is needed by the OR staff and recovery room staff to assist this person and set reasonable limits on how much time they require from the system (they want 'more' face-to-face and touching/hand-holding than management allows us to do; they also are absorbed in their process and innocently do not realize the bed they are taking up with their reaction to their illness is kind of 'slowing things down' in our resource's ability to take care of everyone else. It is sort of like an emotional complex reaction to surgery, just as if in the abdominal cavity there were dense adhesions that needed more time to manage than anticipated, and the following cases have to wait for the first case's delay to finish to start theirs.)

I have only touched upon this fascinating subject. All of my Indigo patients responded well to my care for them. Most of my approach was made by 'being in the moment' and 'doing what feels right'--the ability of my Heart Center to guide me through was priceless.

Resist the tendency to 'just get it over with' and not be Present. Indigos are going to need to come back into the system later with their ongoing health care needs. It is important that as a Conventional Medical Community we welcome the beautiful, high-frequency energy Indigo children with Love and Light to which they respond best. 

Always support, always ask for Guidance for the Highest Good, and gently introduce them to Medical Care's 'basics'.  Make effort to empower them, to engage them in their own health care choices, repeating gently over and over if needed what they are to expect and how you  are taking care of them in every way. I used words like, 'this time is different', and 'I don't know what exactly is happening right now with you but if you are patient we will work together to figure it out so you will know what 'works' for you the next time.' Some of the things that worked included Chinese acupressure!

Once one came back to me by crossing paths. I didn't recognize her. I ended up becoming her Reiki teacher.

Counteract and limit fear. Both in them and in you.

Love wins. Use it.

Remember, you are going to see more and more of them as their generation ages. Remember to put the Aloha in everything you do.


Reiki Doc