Thursday, July 18, 2013

Power Bait For S-E-X

I look at what websites refer to this blog. As a blogger, your blog generates stats, and I look at them.

One of the things that makes me scratch my head are the porn sites. What does this have to do with Reiki? I ask myself. And then, I let it go and admit, perhaps there is a reason, and these people need Reiki energy too? Everyone heals when they come to Doctors With Reiki. I bet Jesus would have gone to spend time with them. I smile at how funny this world can be, and let it go.

One caught my eye today. I will mis-spell it on purpose so they won't know what I am up to on their stats! It is The Dao of Bad-Donkey. (get it?)

It was fascinating. Someone who didn't realize it fully, has become somewhat of a misogynist in his retaliation over being mistreated by a woman who became his ex. (She made him move out and sleep in the car with his stuff for three days while 'her dad' was visiting, and he woke up when a cop who had almost busted him but found out the truth said, poor bastard').

Josh studied psychology big time to 'understand the attraction thing'. 

And he aced it. Now 'is able to bed at least fifteen hot, young women every month, which is twice the lifetime average of men.' 

This is his business, teaching men how to get women to chase them by going under their defenses, and not have to buy them a thing. He also lets men know not to believe the lies in the media--women don't like big muscles, 97% think bald is sexy (it's true--men with higher testosterone levels lose their hair!),  and aren't interested in money (I think a certain group of 9's and 10's ranking 'hottie' women do want money, though). Josh even says that men need to be like a fish and do what attracts female fishes when competing with another male of the same brightness of color--be the one all the other lady fish want!

Josh, I admire you! As a woman, I confess, I too have tried the 'tricks'--'How To Get A Man To Fall In Love With You'. I've 'anchored' and 'mirrored' and used all of those subliminal things back in the day.

No matter how hard you work, and I believe you have, watching the movie 'The Zookeeper' demonstrates ninety-five percent of the concepts that you suggest--sexual triggers, pre-selection, consistency, Instant dominance, the high value hello, the self-fulfilling prophecy, and reading eye movements.

Josh, you can bang any women you want, but you know what they say on the streets:
  •  F--k a ho
  • Respect a woman
  • LOVE a Lady

How are you going to catch and keep a lady, and convince her everything is going to be like these swans with their necks in a heart of true love, get her to sleep with you, and then THROW HER OUT like GARBAGE when you are on to something new? (and what does it say about the Goddess that is beautiful in every women--i.e. your mom and your sister--when you call one a 'ho'? How terribly sad is this? 'ho's' might have had incest and not learned any better  when they were little girls. One is three of all women have sexual abuse in their past. I am one of them too. I have heard it happens to one in ten little boys, too. Every man I have ever loved, deeply loved, has been a victim of molest. It took a long time in each relationship for them to finally trust me enough to share their secret with me. I had no clue they had been hurt like me when I got involved with them in the first place!)

But let's say you are 'LOVING' your Lady-- what if she is really HOT and gives really great head?

Is that enough to make for a lasting relationship? And how are you going to both connect in Spirit?

I gaze up at you through my eyelashes, and with a soft sigh, I whisper with highest pleasure,
why not take a look at THIS? ; )

This is of the Higher Realms.

Whether you are with a lover, or single, do what David says to do each keep your joy and life force bright and STRONG.


Reiki Doc