Monday, July 22, 2013

Reflections On The Boat People

'It took gold.' my colleague answered when I asked what it took to get on the boat. 'It took everything I had.'

When Saigon fell, many of the people with higher education fled the country. Little did I know all those years ago, that all those people who were floating off the coast of Southern California waiting for political asylum and refuge would end up being my coworkers and friends.

Over lunch, one shared with me her story. How hard she had to work to get on the boat, to make a life for herself here, to become a doctor. About the struggle.

And how her husband was 'lucky'. The opening on the boat 'just happened, and he was there'. How he found work easily.

What caused the resentment was how in this new country the couple's marriage remained like it would have been in the old country--he relaxed and she did all the work. She earned the money, cleaned the house, and was going back to school.

It made her terribly depressed.

Suicidal ideation happened frequently for her.

She was like, 'what good is there for me to be worked so much like this everywhere I turn?'

I cannot imagine the struggle of a medical student with a husband and two kids. I barely made it 'alive' going through it  single myself. It takes a lot out of you. There is time for only one thing you love. For me it was dancing. For a different person, one of my teachers, it was going to the gym.

Even now, she is not happy. They have been divorced for years. She doesn't understand his happiness and ease.

(I think some of this has to do with his ability to 'manifest' a little better than she could--like the boat space 'just opening up'. It also has to do with the family belief that 'to survive is hard work' she might have inherited from her family of origin.)

I have other friends who were music majors who fled, and now are in other fields of medicine and healing.

I have a neighbor across the street who fled the ayatollah when Iran fell. He is sweet, in his fifties, and never married. He came here in his twenties, and instead of 'partying partying' and looking for a wife, he was building a new life. He is an electrician, and takes care of his mother. The love of his life are his birds. He puts them out on the ledge some mornings, and I hear them.

My Uncle was sent to Vietnam when I was little. I used to play with him every day after school, he was seventeen years older than me, but since I was born he was one of my favorite people ever.

I used to ache for him. I remember nana  crying, worrying he would never come back. One day in the middle of his tour, he came back in a fancy uniform. We took lots of pictures. He seemed quiet. The had to rip me out of his arms, crying and screaming, when it was time for him to go back from his leave.

When he came back for reals, after the war, we knew he was 'different' and we didn't talk about it. He would lie on the couch for hours and watch 'Worlds At War' with live footage from WW2. He bought guns. And his dream of owning some property in the desert, where it was dry (Vietnam was very wet) came true. At one point he had eighty acres in the middle of nowhere. Now it is a national park.

I am a Light worker. There is an invisible war that we can't see, that is going on between the Light forces and the Dark ones. In some ways it is very much like the movies George Lucas made. I am on the Resistance.

For me, I was born with a Purpose. And I automatically know what to do, when it is time. I have been doing this for about three years now. Before that, I had the vague sense I was 'different' and had an overwhelming desire to 'go home'.

That desire went away two days ago.

I think we won.

But even if we did, like my courageous friends from areas of conflict like Vietnam and Iran, there is going to be some rebuilding of the soul for some time, as well as a lot of help with Mother Earth, Gaia, bringing her back to her health and pristine state.

Last night my boy asked where fresh drinking water comes from. I explained the mountains, the rivers and streams. And how when I was his age, you could go up to a stream and drink from it without fear of catching giardia.

He said if there was a beaver pond he wouldn't drink from it. Because everybody knows how much beavers go pee.

I laughed.

May he never know the hardship of war. He is a crystal child. All of them are coming to earth. I see them getting born every time I take a labor and delivery anesthesia shift. They are such old souls! Very aware, with big open eyes that look through you to your very essence of who you are!

I call them 'the reinforcements'.

These are exciting times. They are history. Only we don't know about it yet. You are Light workers. You have Purpose. I think those of you that are reading this are in my wave or the next one.

Open to Spirit. Soon you will know your task. And I will rest. It's been a long one. Only one more short kick and I think my work is done. Keep your eyes open and your hearts always discerning the information that comes to you. Stay with like-minded people who offer you love and support. Be flexible. And look to this site for information when things start to change rapidly in the coming times:

We also need volunteer healers to begin weekly meetings, live, face to face, to prepare for The Event, and also to meet after it to assist others. Those of you who have submitted information will be contacted by us about where to go and what to do. You will have opportunity to lead others in your area, on a grass roots level,  by mutual support with other healers in your area.

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Thank you for participating.


Reiki Doc