Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Healing Gifts That 'Match'

I was waking my patient up. One of my RN Reiki 1 students relieved the circulator, and she came to the head of the table to talk to me.

I have a new best friend I ever had...he is a Chef and is of very High Vibration. I wear some of his aromatherapy oils around my neck in little vials like this. Everyone in the O.R. hits me up for a drop on their wrist...and my student shared a story about Chef with me. (emergence from anesthesia takes forever...I have to wait for the tissues to give up the anesthesia gas).

The woman who gives her facials went to the restaurant where Chef works. She was interested in the aromatherapy oils. She met Chef and asked. He doesn't talk, but they communicated.

She didn't have enough money. She told him she wanted to go home and get some more money.

He paused.

He looked at her.

He took the one around his neck off and placed it on her.

For free.

I smiled.

As an intern on my Plastic Surgery rotation back in 1996, I had a patient named Ed who was about my age.

At the dinner table, his sister had patted him on the thigh to make a point, and with horror, found a hard lump the size of a baseball. It was cancer. A bad kind.

Ed had it removed and reconstructed before we met. But his graft failed. He was admitted emergently and a latissimus dorsi free flap was taken to cover.

Flaps being what they are, need time and lots of monitoring to make sure they 'grow' and 'attach well' and 'stay healthy'.

Ed and I got to know each other. While he was in the ICU, he wasn't 'sick' but he needed hourly ultrasounds of the blood flow to the flap, and ICU is the only place where nurse staffing is able to do that. What happened to his 'neighbors' would freak Ed out. He was always knowing more details than the resident on each patient near him. How he managed to learn this from his bed always made me wonder! But we grew close over the six weeks of his hospitalization. One day I did a Rune reading for him. And another day his Grandmother brought in a homemade burrito for me.

He had a Green scapular (a religious item worn by catholics, which is made of string and has two postage-stamp size pieces of felt on them, one in the front and the other in the back. It is a 'loophole' to get to Heaven--if one dies while wearing this, they go right up and bypass Purgatory).

He had it on the rail of his bed.

Well someone changed the bed. I was rounding on him, and panic was in his eyes.

He couldn't sleep without his scapular.

I knew the feeling. I couldn't sleep without the little brown one I wore, especially during residency.

I paused.

I looked at Ed.

I reached up and took the one off me, and handed it to him.

He couldn't believe my act of kindness.

We are still friends to this day.


Reiki Doc

P.S. If you would like to try Chef's healing oils, visit his website,
All of the fragrances are delightful, and have rare essential oils.