Wednesday, July 10, 2013


An Open Letter To My Twin Flame:

I am blinded to your presence. And I miss you very much.

I was so thankful to have met someone who is kind enough to listen to me. It was only for a while, and they are done. D-O-N-E, thank you very much, Don't Forget To Close The Door On Your Way Out, DONE. By some chance miracle, we clicked enough for me to open up and share my worst secrets.

They were hindering me, those secrets. I simply could not walk another step carrying them, and stopped for a while to rest and let them go. This friend, is the Master of Letting Things Go.

Now I have been let known that it is time to 'go away',  in the kindest way possible.

Twin Flame?

Life on earth is very difficult. It pushes me to my limits of what I can comprehend. It was rough passage to get where I am at today. Although the new friend helped me take the thorn out of my foot, it is not quite done with its healing. When I walk on it I have to limp.

I don't know what to say to be grateful, smart, and true to myself at the same time.

The Italian heart God gave to me is warm and caring, and loves everyone the same! My patients are my angels, my friends are like royalty, and those I entrust with my secrets are closest to Heaven I know.

Please send me an Italian Buddhist, God.

One who understands that affection has nothing to do with sex or romance. It is like espresso--warm and dark and rich and happy. In France, they call it, 'la difference'. It just is as it always has been.

That warmth and caring and expression of emotion are what life is all about.

And God, show me that I am perfect, loved, and cherished for exactly who I am, right this minute now, a channel for the Light and balanced Masculine/Feminine Energy of the Goddess.

I like animals so much more than people, God. Without saying a word, we both understand What Is, and Accept It As Such without question.

We don't have to believe. We know.

I grow impatient over the chance to be with you, my Twin Soul.

Wherever you are, know that I am busy working on myself to bolster and support YOU through our special bond that we share.  I walk with Love and connect to my Soul Family, and the Ascended Masters, Angels, Deceased Loved ones, and Guides.

One day everyone will understand what I am saying. Right now they just look at me funny, and it hurts.

Twin Soul, I know you are real and looking for me just as much as my heart is looking for you.

Thank you for the rejection, gentle Buddhist friend who has no interest in learning Italian and 'Opening Up'.  I hear God speaking to me through your heart.

My God is a strict task master. I will hold my own hand. I will do what God has in mind.

I feel better not to have that thorn in my foot.

I still think Earth is a stinky place.

And Twin I am going to have a word with you for ever talking me into coming here in the first place. I remember before incarnation how you thought it was cool and convinced me to go. I didn't have to come here. I could have said no. But you! You could talk me into anything.

I am sure there are so many more Single Twins out there like me.

Time to get ready for my day.

Mahalo and Aloha to all--my Twin, where you are, my 'Androcles' who took out my thorn, and my gentle readers, who seem to be the ones who 'resonate' with my lessons that I undertake at these times of changes.

Love and Light,

Reiki Doc