Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Doctor's Heart

As a doctor, you never feel as alone as when you have to deliver bad news.

A friend of mine couldn't sleep last night. It was because of work. It was because the life-saving procedure done as an emergency showed something terrible was the cause of the emergency.

There was a lot of herself in this patient.

So much so that this physician asked the pathologist three times, are you sure? are you sure? are you sure about this diagnosis because if I tell this family the wrong thing it is going to be really f-d up.

Who was there for this doctor who cared enough to call another doctor of this patient, from a happier time not that long ago, to come and visit them in the hospital?

Not her husband. He didn't want to listen.

Not her kids. They were too busy with Lego Rock Star Camp.

Not her parents. They are sick and live in a different time zone, and were in bed.

Only God was there for her last night in her sorrow, in her survivor guilt and her worry for her patient. Her hands, heart and quick action saved this patient from disaster. And yet the discovery of the cause made her break her patient and their family's heart. As well as her own.

Today I listened with my heart. 

I actively listened, and asked questions. 

I silently gave Reiki.

She was in the lounge, healing herself at the same time as waiting to begin healing another.

Women deal with stress by 'tend and befriend'.

Women need to talk.

Men who want to skip all this are missing out in a beautiful connection to another soul.

If men worked at it, they could listen. 

Most men I know, Gay Boyfriend Ed excepted, are too busy taking care of number one in some elaborate plan constructed to show how wonderful and caring they are to the world, and to their partner.

Some men really miss the point.

I know the husband. He is a great guy. He's treated me, and was awesome.

I just think it's sad she has to bear this cross alone.

When is everybody going to wake up and stop the suffering in the world? Why not be reasonable? Why not today, just for today, try to bring peace and joy and harmony, and end suffering, within the four walls of your home? the four wheels of your car? and the four electric plugs of your office?


Reiki Doc