Friday, July 5, 2013

Galactic "Anthropology": It Starts With Food!

I made these cupcakes for a potluck yesterday

It all starts with food!

Yesterday a friend who manages an Outback restaurant offered my son a free plate of food at a street carnival. I saw him hand one with ribs and salad and bread to him. I made a mental note--ribs for him, salad for me--and looked forward to sharing it together.

Next I knew, the salad disappeared and only ribs were on the plate! 

I asked him what happened? No sooner had the words popped out of my mouth, than our friend saw I was hungry, and offered me a plate for myself to eat, ribs, salad, bun, everything!

It was one of those moments when time stands still.

I looked at the ribs.

I looked at the arm extended with the plate.

I looked at the face of the friend, with a total gesture of love and generosity of spirit and JOY of giving in the smile, the crinkles at the eyes, and deep within to the windows of the soul.

Like lightening, the thought came to me:
what is more important--the meat or the soul of the person who is sharing it with me?

My heart knew what to do. I took the plate. I thanked him profusely. I went right where he could watch us sit down, and I ate it. I enjoyed it! (My son, who is freaking out about 'his new mom' relaxed at seeing me eat ribs.)

I said to him, 'God gave this. I eat ribs once a year. This is it!'.

Here is an example of how I was on the 'giving' end of the same situation reversed with the Galactics:
I still feel the sting of shame and humiliation, although unintended, by their reaction to my offering of milk and cookies to them.

I took my son out to dinner at a new Italian restaurant near our house. They are famous for a homemade sausage factory. I had my order all set, eggplant parmesan. But my boy wanted to try out their homemade sausage instead of meatballs and asked for a taste.

They made two tastes.

Next thing I knew, one was on the end of a toothpick being handed to me. I looked at the meat, the hand, up the arm, and to the face filled with pride at the family tradition on the end of that toothpick.

I took the meat. It tasted awful because I no longer eat meat. I smiled, and said, ' You know, I don't eat meat, but for you, this time, I make an exception! This is DELICIOUS!' for it was 'good meat', I just 'don't like meat', yes?

You should have seen the total smile, beaming, on the worker's face that I accepted his 'gift' to me, and enjoyed it.

So what does Spirit have to say about food? Well, funny you should ask! Matthew Ward had a message about it just channeled 'fresh' yesterday:
It is very reasonable, and permissive and directing you to find the optimum health for all of you, your body, mind, soul, and Vibration. (Scroll halfway down in the article to find it.)

For two weeks now, a massive 'getting to know one another' has been going on between the Agarthans in Inner Earth and the Galactics, who have established First Contact in that realm. There is a lot of adjustment being navigated between the two 'families' of Light.

Our time is on the horizon. Surface Gaia is next. We don't know when, exactly, or how, but what happened in Egypt on July 3, 2013 is a dress rehearsal for The Event. After that is Disclosure. At a later time, First Contact. When this joyful reunion happens,  I want you to be as beautifully open, at ease, and loving as this little girl is here looking like it is the most natural thing in the world to be 'hanging out' at the Mayan Ruins in Mexico.

Because it is.

We are One Family. No matter what we eat. We eat to stay alive.

And next time, if someone in ceremonial attire in the wilds of Indonesia offers me a crawling bug on a stick, I'll look at the bug, up the arm, and to the smile and eyes and spirit of the one who is offering it to me to eat it.

It is only one bug.

It is worth it, the price of earning their trust and keeping Goodwill between us.

I can always reach for the glass of water and help wash it down. It won't kill me.

Nor will it kill you to reach outside your comfort zone to accept the hand that is extended in Love and wants to welcome you home as Family, and embrace you once again.

It has been a long time waiting.


Reiki Doc