Monday, July 1, 2013

The Meanest Neurosurgeon

By and large I adore neurosurgeons! And they adore me. We 'get along' famously, with the exception of one micro-managing, controlling one who always requests not to work with me. Frankly, I don't mind that one bit. This one has a corrected facial deformity, and is overcompensating by perfectionism in his work. Not in HIS work, actually, but by telling all of US how to do our work.

Then there is the 'mean one'. This one is so mean that the nurse managing the O.R. had to come into the room at the start of the case, just to make sure that he 'behaved'.

Spirit let me know to 'take it all in'. Spirit also let me know that this one is a member of the group that promotes the 'ankle biters'--I won't say the name, but this one was a Thirty-three level one.

The energy was very negative. I got a hit of it in pre-op holding. Very spacey, very 'absent', very 'difficult to connect'. (This is exactly what I would expect from someone who is a Monarch survivor, not to say they are, but I worked with another surgeon whom I suspect was from that upbringing. Very very smart...)

In the O.R. it was known the surgeon was not going to do anything but operate. Sometimes on a spine, they come help you flip the patient. That wasn't 'his job'.

The antibiotic requested was 'Cefazol'--I'd never heard of it. It was a very old school name for Cefazolin, or Ancef.

This one was definitely a 'captain of the ship'. And did something others don't do--CHECKED the patient. Eyes. Brachial plexus. Jewels--with a glove, reaching in, everything! That was good.

He had never met me, but called me by my first name. No one in the room does that. I am Dr. So and So. So he looked at my badge when he was close to me and noted my name! (Most of the time I am 'anesthesia' to surgeons)

The cell saver device was called 'Angel' on the label on it! (secondary confirmation for this lesson)

All the time he worked, I kept 'getting' flashes of images from his 'work' as a 33rd level you-know-what. It was NOT a pretty sight. But the same calm, the same methodical nature, the same thinking 'this is for something good'.

I was very happy this case was ended. At least for a first time, things went well between us. And As far as what to do, I understand on Spirit side that many of the 'ankle-biters' minions' are IN the medical field. This is going to be interesting when the truth comes out.


Reiki Doc